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Cello and Bass Endpin Rests

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Cello and Bass Endpin Rests

Slipstop Cello endpin rest 'Slipstop' Cello/Bass Endpin rest
Cello/Bass - Item #34-980 $12.00 Select Color:

Viva Cello landing pad Viva Cello/Bass Landing pad
Cello/Bass - Item #34-983 $17.30 Select Color:

Dycem Black Hole Endpin Rest Dycem Black Hole Cello Endpin Rest
A cellist must-have! This compact mat uses our non-slip technology to keep your cello in place. The Dycem black hole cello mat effectively holds your cello in place during rehearsal and performance alike. The non-slip material prevents slipping on all surfaces. Small and compact, the Dycem black hole cello mat is chic and stylish and may be carried around in your pocket.
Cello - Item #34-985 $25.00

Xeros Cello endpin anchor Xeros Cello and Bass Endpin anchor
Non-slip and adjustable. One of our most popular endpin anchors! Improved model features one-piece durable "space plastic" cup/plate with high grade rubber non-slip pad on bottom. Heavy-duty, adjustable nylon strap with D-ring for chair leg.
Cello - Item #34-988 When extended strap measures 33 inches. $24.50
Bass - Item #44-988 When extended strap measures 51 inches. $24.50

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