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Sub-Index Accessories: Tuning Forks | Tuners & Metronomes | Shoulder Rests | Rosin | E-String Fine Tuners
Accessories: Mutes | Wolftone Eliminators | Peg Paste | Cleaner Polish | Music Stands | Various

Accessories for Violin. Viola, Cello and Bass | Shoulder Rests, Rosin, Mutes, Violin Polish

Tuning Forks and Pitch Pipes

Wittner tuning forks (A440)
Tuning fork resonance boxes (A440)
Pitch pipes (EADG and ADGC)

Electronic tuner Electronic Tuners and Metronomes

Digital tuners.
Electronic metronomes for keeping time and rhythm

Wittner Music Stands NEW
Music Stands

Music Stands by Wittner and Glasser

Kun shoulder rest

Shoulder Rests

Kun Shoulder Rests, Viva Shoulder Rests, Poehland Pad, Mach One Shoulder Rests, Viva Shoulder Rests, Wolf Shoulder Rests, Bonmusica Shoulder Rests, Pirastro KorfkerRest, StoweMaster Shoulder Rests, Wittner Shoulder Rests, Playonair Shoulder Rests, and AcoustaGrip
Rosin Broad selection of student rosin, professional rosin, Andrea rosin, Pirastro Rosin and Melos Rosin for violin, viola, cello, and bass rosin
violin fine adjuster E String Adjusters (fine tuners)
High quality Wittner fine tuners for violin, viola, and cello
violin mute Mutes
Various practice mutes for violin, viola, cello and bass.
Wolftone Eliminators

NEW REZXTM Resonance Molulator

Wolftone eliminators for cello and bass, including Wolf-Be-Gone and Lupus-Ex

Hill peg paste Peg Paste Various brands of peg paste for violin, viola and cello including Hill and Pirastro and others.
Violin cleaners and polishes Cleaner Polish Various cleaners and polishes for violin family instruments.
Violin Humitron himidifier Humidifiers and Hygrometers Instrument and case humidifiers, hygrometers, etc.
Cello/Bass Endpin Rests Endping rests by Slipstop, Viva, Stoppin, and Xeros. Available in different colors.


This section contains fittings sets, pegs, tailpieces, chin rests, endpins, etc.

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