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Mach One Violin Shoulder Rests

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Mach One Violin and Viola Shoulder Rests

Mach One shoulder rests Mach One shoulder rest, plastic
This injection mold version includes an adjustable, removable (optional), “suspension” leather strap. It is also a little higher than the 5M1B model.
Violin shoulder rest, 4/4-3/4 size  - Item #14-5M1A $23.00
Mach One shoulder rests Mach One shoulder rest, low
This is the original injection mold shoulder rest. It can be set very low to the instrument.
Violin shoulder rest, 4/4-3/4 size  - Item #14-5M1B $21.00
Violin shoulder rest, 1/2-1/4 size - Item #14-5M1B.2 $18.00
Mach One shoulder rests Mach One shoulder rest, grooved
Made from a high-tech double-injection mold, the main body of the rest is resilient and strong, while the contact surface is made of a soft, grooved, rubberized compound for an incredible grip. Plus it is easily washable! Entirely designed and made in Canada.
Violin shoulder rest, 4/4-3/4 size  - Item #14-5M1C $25.00
Mach One violin shoulder rest Mach One viola shoulder rest Mach One shoulder rest, maple
This is the original shoulder rest, hand-carved out of wood. Includes a soft leather pad.
Violin shoulder rest, 4/4 size - Item #14-5M2 $73.00
Viola shoulder rest - Item #24-5M2 $81.00 Size:
Mach One violin shoulder rest Mach One/Mach Two shoulder rest, maple hook
Like the 5M2, but with a hook that hugs the shoulder
Violin shoulder rest, 4/4 size - Item #14-5M3 $77.00
Viola Mach Two shoulder rest - Item #24-5M3 $84.00 Size:

Dear Violinist, Violist,

I would like to introduce you to a very new product: the Mach One Shoulder Rest. I developed it in October 97 and it is currently in full production. It is available in plastic for 1/4 to 1/2 size violins and 3/4 to full size violins. It is also carved out of maple for full size violins, and for small and large violas. It features a simple but fully adjustable design (for width and height) on both ends. The ergonomic shape almost eliminates the need for padding. That makes the rest slim and light. It is the lightest of all bridge type rests on the market. The Mach One Shoulder Rest does not collapse. The attaching feet never wear off and will not scratch your valuable instrument. The attachment foot never touches the ribs of your violin or viola. The "S" shape fits comfortably on your shoulder and minimizes the size of the feet. Your dealer will carry extra parts such as a foot with an extra long stem and a replacement foam pad. The wooden rests are made by hand. Players like the natural look of the wood, which matches the back of the instrument. They also have noticed that the rest actually improves the sound of their instrument. - Peter Mach, luthier

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