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Pirastro Violin Shoulder Rests

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Pirastro Violin Shoulder Rests

Pirastro Korfker shoulder rest Pirastro Korfker Rest (Model 2) NEW!

First shoulder rest using bendable tone wood, custom adjusted to the shape of the shoulder. Extensive and very precise personal adjustment of position, height, and tilt. Much wider dynamic range from the instrument and wider diversity in articulation. Finer variation in string contact can be felt. Minimal use of rubber improves sound characteristics. Designed to complement the timeless beauty of the violin.

New for Model 2
- New Ergopack allows two pivot points of adjustments per foot instead of one pivot, allowing the shoulder rest a much more accurate fit to the shape of your shoulder/collar bone area.
- New improved rubber feet providing much more secure adhesive grip without any risk of damage to the instrument's varnish or finish.
- New improved rubber pads for increased comfort and durability. Four (4) replacement pads are included.
- New improved bendable tone wood provides more resistance to natural body heat arising from more aggressive playing that may cause the tonewood backbone to changed from its programmed shape.

Violin Korfker Shoulder Rest (Model 2), 32gm, 4/4 size - Item #14-571 $481.00
Viola Korfker Shoulder Rest Ergo, 40gm, 4/4 size - Item #24-570 $530.00
Violin Korfker Cradle, shoulder rest, 4/4 size - Item #14-575 $1,545.00
Violin KorfkerRest ErgoPack - Item #14-57X6 $74.00
Violin KorfkerRest locking rings, 6 piece - Item #14-57X7 $3.00
Violin Replacement foam, KorfkerRest - Item #14-57X8 $6.00
Viola Replacement foam, KorfkerRest - Item #24-57X8 $6.50
Violin Replacement foot, KorfkerRest - Item #14-57X9 $24.00
Violin Replacement foot, KorfkerRest, short - Item #14-57X9S $53.00
Violin Replacement foot, KorfkerRest, long - Item #14-57X9L $25.00

Pirastro Korfker Cradle - 14-575

Pirastro KorfkerCradle shoulder rest - Top view Pirastro Korfker Cradle shoulder rest - Mounted Pirastro Korfker Cradle shoulder rest - Mounted

Pirastro Korfker Rest - 14-571

Pirastro KorfkerRest shoulder rest - NEW! Pirastro KorfkerRest shoulder rest - NEW!

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