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Violin Cleaner Polish

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Violin Cleaners and Polishes


Violin cleaners and polishes Hill Stringed Instrument Cleaner Polish, creamy Item #14-960
Hidersol Stringed Instrument Cleaner Polish, creamy Item #14-962
Peter Dawson's Violin Polish, clear liquid Item #14-964
Supersensitive violin polishing kit, 1 oz Item #14-966
JOHA violin cleaner polish JOHA Cleaning and care set for string instruments, made in Germany
Everything needed for restoring and preserving varnish on a string instrument is included in this assortment, including basic instructions.
1 bottle of varnish restorer, for removing rosin, sweat stains, etc.
1 bottle of preserving polish, for polishing and preserving the polish following restoration
1 cleaning cloth and 1 polishing cloth
No musician without a stringed instrument can do without this assortment.
Item #14-968
Supersensitive cello maintenance kit Item #34-967

Violin String Cleaning

ToneGear string cleaner for Violin and Viola

360 degrees of controllable, string-cleaning action
Removes rosin quickly and easily
Cleans and buffs the fingerboard
Extends the life and tone of strings
Cleanable microfibre pads

No solution necessary (use dry)

Check Youtube video for more information: The String Cleaner for Violin and Viola

Item #14-977
REZX String Cleaning Pads

REZXTM string cleaner, 3 pads
- Economical solution to cleaning rosin off strings
- Scrapes rosin of strings without abrading or scratching the strings
- Dry, no liquid application prevents rosin from bleeding into string, and altering tonal characteristics
- No need for alcohol risking damage to violin varnish
- Works well with metal, synthetic and gut strings
- Very easy to use

Read this article on this amazing simple cleaning pad.

Item #14-975ZX
Royal Oak String Cleaner

Royal Oak String Cleaner, 20ml

Item #14-978

Pirastro string oil, 50ml bottle

Item #14-979

Other Cleaning Accessories

Hannabach Fret Care Kit

Hannabach Fret Care Kit

- For guitars, mandolins and other instruments with fret
- Fret cleaning set in an elegant aluminum box with Hannabach logo
- 2 cleaning cloths (9055 mm) for cleaning dirty or corroded frets
- 2 coated sticker sheets to protect the fingerboard from any kind of dirt during cleaning
- Contains micro-abrasives and wax. Polishing turns the cloth black, but this hardly affects its cleaning ability. Do not wash.
Item #64-968
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