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Violin Peg Paste

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Lubricant for Violin Pegs (Viola and Cello)


Please note that peg paste will not fix problems that are caused by pegs that fit poorly.

Kivun Kal Violin Peg Paste

Kivun Kal Peg Paste - Made in Isreal NEW

Absolutely, easy smooth peg turning in hot, cold, damp and dry conditions and firm grip in the peg box, giving you confidence during any performance. This peg paste is different, and a definite winner. Works for violins, violas and cellos.

Designed by Isreali luthier Avraham Amar who has been making and restoring instruments for over 30 years.

Item #14-Kivun

Hill peg paste

Hill Peg Paste - for pegs which have ceased to turn smoothly. Extending dispenser.
Pros: Excellent balance of grip and lubrication. Cons: Dark colour can look messy on Boxwood pegs. Verdict: Overall, my favorite paste for Ebony, Rosewood and other dark pegs.
Item #14-950
Pirastro peg paste Pirastro Peg Compound, extending dispenser. Item #14-951

RDM peg paste

RDM Peg Paste.
Notes: Some makers prefer this to Hill paste for its harder texture.
Item #14-955

Hiderpaste Hidersine peg paste

Hiderpaste Peg Paste - for pegs which have ceased to turn smoothly. Round disk shape. Item #14-956
JOHA peg soap JOHA Peg Soap, round, wrapped in foil. Applies clear, so is ideal for Boxwood and other light coloured pegs.
Pros: Clear colour. Cons: Somewhat waxy texture. Verdict: My choice for Boxwood and other light coloured pegs.
Item #14-957

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