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The Art of Modern Violin Making DVD Videos& CD ROM by Ricardo Flores

Shipping for DVDs: Canada: $5.00 (mail) $1.00 for each extra | USA: $6.00 (mail) $1.50 for each extra | International: $15.00 (air mail)


DVD Video Volume One: Making a Basic Oil Varnish

Item #70-AVD

Art of Violin Making CD

Have you always wanted to know how to make your own varnish, but didn't know what to do or where to turn? Are you fed up with people who won't share "secrets" with you? If so, this DVD Video is for you. Follow along with me and make your own high quality oil varnish.

Please note that this DVD is in NTSC format. Out of Stock



DVD Video Volume Two: Varnishing a Violin

Item #70-AVV

  This video illustrates how a violin is varnished. If you have ever wanted to just watch someone varnish a violin, then this video is for you. The volume covers everything from the ground coat to the final polishing. Please note that this DVD is in NTSC format. CLEARANCE PRICE - MISSING THE LAST 30 SECONDS BUT CONTAINS ALL PERTINENT INFORMATION Out of Stock



DVD Video Volume Four: Fitting Pegs

Item #70-AFP

  Learn how to fit pegs into a violin. This volume covers shaving the peg shaft, reaming the peg holes, fitting the peg, and polishing the ends. All measurements are clearly given. Please note that this DVD is in NTSC format. Out of stock


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