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Violin Books | Violin Making, History and Reference

Recommended The Violin Makers of the Guarneri Family (1626-1762) by William Henry Hill, Arthur F. Hill and Alfred Ebsworth Hill, originally published 1931, copyright 1980. 152 pages, deluxe hard bound. Many colour (17 colour plates) and b&w pictures.

This book contains interesting violin history. A great work for the library of any violin enthusiast.

Item #70-055 $150.00

  Four Centuries of Violin Making, Sotheby's, large hardcover edition Item #70-042 $325.00
Originali Modeli e Copie | Original Models and Copies Violin Book

Originali Modeli e Copie
Published by the Consorzio Liutai & Archettai.

The art of copying the style of renowned violin makers. Is full of vibrant colour photographs.
Soft cover, 167 pages

Item #70-050 $116.00
20th Century Lombard Violin Making Book

20th Century Lombard Violin Making
By the "Entente Triennale Internationale degli Strumenti ad Arco-Consorzio Luittai & Archettai Antonio Stradivari Cremona".

Many beautiful detailed full colour plates along with text in English and Italian. Place this book very accurately the time and culture.
Cloth hardcover, 190 pages.

Item #70-051 $116.00

Known Violin Makers by John H. Fairfield, 7th edition
Encyclopedia of known violin makers focusing mainly on European instruments (from 16th century onwards) in the American market, with a section devoted to American makers. Very detailed and informative. Includes recent and historic price guides.

Other sections include: Selection and care of an instrument, how to choose a bow and bow price guide for players.

Cloth Hardcover, 291 pages, English

Item #70-097 $22.00
How Many Strads, Doring

How Many Strads? by Doring, standard edition
By Bein & Fushi
A beautiful book about a tribute to the memory of a great genius marking the tercentenary of Stradivarius' birth.
Cloth hardcover, 464 pages

Item #70-4224 $195.00

The British Violin Book

The British Violin
By British Violin Makers Association

400 Years of Violin and Bow Making in the British Isles (1590 to present day). This is a major historical review of British work with biographies, measurements and technical descriptions. Full colour multi-images of 116 instruments and 60 bows, plus trade cards, labels, bow details, historical illustrations and maps
Cloth hardcover, 416 pages.

Item #70-4135 $375.00
The Miracle Makers, Bein & Fushi The Miracle Makers CDs

The Miracle Makers
By Bein & Fushi, Inc., 1998.

This volume compares both workmanship and tonal qualities of 30 Strad and Guarneri violins -- worth about 100 million dollars. These 30 instruments are compared in detailed colour plates, with history of each instrument and a piece for each instrument which makes up 3 CD albums. The album comparisons are performed by Elmar Oliveira. Thus making this a unique, amazing, invaluable reference material.
Leather hardcover in hard slip case, 88 pages

Item #70-4208 $275.00
The Secrets of Stradivari, Simne Sacconi

Recommended The Secrets of Stradivari
By Simone F. Sacconi

Considered by many to be the greatest treatise on violin making, this was the culmination of lifelong research into Stradivari's methods. This English translation includes numerous illustrations and a full catalogue of the moulds, templates and tools Cremona's Stradivari Museum.
Hardcover, 264 Pages, 185 Illustrations

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The Red Book, Violin Appraisal
The Red Book, 2012 Edition - Appraisers' Reference manual. Auction sales from 1985 to 2012. Edited by Donald M. Cohen. Features World-wide sale results form the major auction houses of England, France, Germany, Italy and the United States. More than 20,000 auction sales listed alphabetically by maker, sub-grouped by instruments, and arranged chronologically by sales dates. New easy-to-read format containing more information per sale than before and helpful Trade Secrets appendix. Soft cover, 477 pages, Dimensions 11 x 8.5
Item #70-084 $100.00

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