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Sub-Index Violin Books: History and Reference | Making, Repair | Strobel Books | H.S. Wake Books | Varnish
Bass Books: Bass Making Book | Bass Plans | Bass Setup and Repair Book

Violin Books and Reference Materials | Violin Making, Bow Making, History

Books about violin history, violin makers, and general information Violin History and Reference Books Many works related to the history of violins, biographies of makers, and appraisal references.
Violin making books. books about violin repair and restoration, violin bow making books (viola, cello, bass) Violin & Bow Making, Repair Books Works related to the making and repair of violin family instruments and their bows.
Strobel violin making books, viola making, cello making, measurements and other useful shop resources Henry Strobel Violin and Cello Making Books and Videos Henry Strobel's series of books have become valuable references in many violin shops around the world.
H.S. Wake violin making books, bow repair books and videos. H. S. Wake Books and DVDs Books by H.S. Wake offer a wealth of information on the subject of violin making, varnishing, bow rehair and repair, and double bass making. Full-scale drawings of violins, violas, cellos, and double basses are included in his books. The videos give lots of detailed information regarding these subjects.
Books about violin varnish Violin Varnish Books Books that deal with the subject of violin varnish; making, materials, application, and more.
Book detailing the construction of the string double bass Bass Making Book So ... You Want to Make a Double Bass by Peter Chandler. The best book on the subject published in English.
Plans for making string basses Bass Making Patterns/Plans Transcribed by Peter Chandler. Paper, with all measurements and thicknesses. Corresponds to the bass photographs in Peter's book, available in 9 different models.
Book about double bass set up and repair Bass Setup and Repair Book The Setup and Repair of the Double Bass for Optimum Sound by Chuck Traeger 377 pages of essential information for bassists, bass repair people and makers.
Bass Setup and Repair Book

CODA to The Setup and Repair of the Double Bass for Optimum Sound
First Edition, 2009, by Chuck Traeger, 63 pages
Contains new sound setup discoveries and repair tips.

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