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Elite Violin Cases by Duralite

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Duralite® Elite Violin Cases
About Duralite® Cases


  Duralite® Elite cases are set apart by their elegant two-tone suede-like interior fabric, larger, stronger handle, and full set of features such as climate control, backpack straps and four bow holders in a compact and light weight case.  

Item #C1557-BK/C

Duralite® Elite Clima Black/Cream Violin Case - Special Price


Duralite Elite Violin Case

English design, 5.9 lb / 2.7 Kg

Deluxe two-tone (brown-cream) suede-like interior fabric

Screw attached INVISTA™ Cordura cover (in black)

Full music pocket

YKK® CANADA zippers

Humidifier and hygrometer for complete climate control

Velcro neck strap and 2 accessory pockets

Full suspension system, non-slip bow spinners for 4 bows

Backpack, 2 carry straps, "subway" end handle

Deluxe larger, stronger handle

Item #C1557-BR/C

Duralite® Elite Clima Brown/Cream Violin Case - Special Price


Duralite Elite Violin Case

Very Large Image

As above, but with brown exterior cover

Item #C1557-BK/G

Duralite® Elite Clima Black/Green Violin Case - Special Price


Features and construction as above

Deluxe two-tone green suede-like interior fabric

Black exterior cover (not green as shown)

Item #C1557-BR/G

Duralite® Elite Clima Brown/Green Violin Case - Special Price



As above, but with brown exterior cover

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