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Professional Negri Violin Cases

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Professional Violin Cases
by Negri

Superior bodyguard protection for your violin and durability are top characteristics of Negri violin cases. Negri handmade cases are built for a lifetime of uncompromised service. Years of top-quality case making have contributed to the prestige they have earned.

All cases have engineered six layered wooden shell lamination, and the finest and most secure three point suspension air systems for superior bodyguard protection. Durability is achieved by a combination of quality design, superb craftsmanship and carefully selected materials such as Italian leathers, finest French velvets, German hardware, making each case a specimen of elegance.

Internal Velvet Colors

Negri violin case interiors come in a variety of beautiful fine velvet colors. Use the following color chart to help you choose colors when ordering. Some violin case models may not be available in certain colors.

Olive Green Antilope Gray Beige
Esmeralda Green Royal Blue Toscana Burgundy

Exterior Leather or Cordura Canvas Colors

Negri violin case exteriors can be either genuine leather or original cordura canvas.

Black Leather or Canvas

Click to Enlarge Negri Monaco Violin Case
The Negri Monaco violin case is a wooden case with a water-repellant, Cordura canvas cover exterior with accent trim. The fine velvet interior comes in different color choices. This case includes high quality German locks, one large interior accessory pocket with brass pull, carrying straps for a backpack system a subway end strap, a suspension protection system, a string tube, and four bow holders. Read more...
Monaco - Item #N135 (Cordura Cover) Velvet Color: $359.00 Out of stock

Click to Enlarge Negri Prince Violin Case
The Negri Prince violin case has a totally new elegant Italian design with brass details, two tone interior color options and very elegant shape. Included are full suspension system, quality hygrometer, matching string tube, four bow holders and one large accessory pocket with brass pull. Read more...
Prince - Item #N145 (Cordura Cover) Velvet Color: $405.00 Out of stock

Click to Enlarge Negri Venezia Violin Case
The Negri Venezia violin case interior comes complete with usual large accessory pocket, fine velvet material lining, quality hygrometer, but has an extra shoulder rest hook system or restraint alcove for putting away your shoulder rest after playing. It also comes with extra strong...Read more...
Venezia - Item #N155 (Cordura Cover) Velvet Color: $476.00 Out of stock

Click to Enlarge Negri Lord Violin Case
The Negri Lord violin case inherits some additional high quality all natural wood materials giving it a beautiful elegant appearance. For example, English maraghoni wood trim lines the inside of the lid and surrounding the instrument. It also has smooth looking shaped ...Read more...
Lord - Item #N165 (Leather Cover) Velvet Color: $1250.00 Out of stock

Click to Enlarge Negri Milano Violin Case
Like its predecessors, the Negri Milano violin case offers the same finest cordura, leather and velvet fabric materials, and the strongest hardware for strength and durability. However it also provides extra space for accessories and supplies with two extra accessory pockets giving a total...Read more...
Milano - Item #N175 (Cordura Cover) Velvet Color: $711.00 Out of stock
Milano - Item #N176 (Leather Cover) Velvet Color: $1350.00 Out of stock

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