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Lemuel Violins

String Instrument Cases

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Violin Cases: Shaped & Oblong | Fiberglass | GEWA | Backpacks | Double | Duralite® | Negri
Viola Cases: Shaped & Oblong | GEWA | Double | Duralite®
Cello Cases: GEWA | Eastman | Fiberglass | Presto Bags | GEWA Bags | Duralite | Travel | Stand | Hiscox
Bass Cases: Presto Bags | GEWA Bags | Bow Quiver | Travel
Other Cases: Bow Cases | Guitar Cases | Guitar Bags | Tuba Bags

Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass Cases | Cello, Bass, Tuba and Euphonium Bags

Shaped violin case Violin Cases Shaped and Oblong violin cases
Fiberglass violin case Fiberglass violin cases NEW
GEWA violin case GEWA violin cases NEW
GEWA Backpack for Oblong Violin Cases Violin backpacks NEW
Professional violin case Professional violin cases by Duralite®
Professional violin cases by Negri
Shaped violin case Viola Cases Shaped and Oblong viola cases
Shaped violin case GEWA viola cases NEW
Professional viola case

Professional Duralite®viola cases by Duralite®

Double violin case Multi Cases

Double Violin/viola cases by GEWA

Cello cases Cello Cases GEWA cello cases NEW
Concord Hill Style cello case
Fiberglass cello cases
Eastman cello cases
Hiscox Lifelite cello cases
Duralite® cello cases
GEWA Cello Bags Bags/Soft Shell Cases Cello and Bass Bags by GEWA
Presto bags Eastman Presto Cello Bags
Eastman Presto Bass Bags
Tuba bags Tuba and Euphonium Bags by Duralite®
violin bow cases Bow Cases Bow cases for violin, viola, cello and bass bows
Quality Guitar Cases by Eastman NEW
Guitar Cases
Quality Fiberglass Guitar Cases by Eastman.
GEWA Economy Classical Guitar Bags NEW
Guitar Bags
GEWA Guitar Bags
Cello stand Cello Stands Verschoyle Cello Stands made in Canada from solid Black Walnut
Bass Bow Quiver Leather bass bow quiver

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