Vio Meter (Fractional Violin Measuring Device)

Item: #VL4981

Never again be in doubt about the size violin you recommend. Measures a student in seconds! A must for private or large group teaching.

Directions for Use:

  • Hold the Vio-Meter under the player’s chin as you would a violin.
  • Extend the left arm forward with the elbow strait and the palm up. (Extending the arm to the side will give an incorrect measurement).
  • Extend the Vio-Meter gauge to the point where the ball end reaches the middle of the player’s left palm.
  • The black dot on the extender will line up with the correct size on the gauge.

N.B. The guide on the Vio-Meter indicates in fractions the various size instruments. The black dot above the fractions indicates the median size for the particular instruments. Should the measurement tend toward the lower half of the given area, the teacher may elect to use a size smaller. If the student measures on the upper half of the area, the teacher may elect to use the next size larger.

These sizes have been determined through scientific analyses and the evaluation of violins made by violinmakers throughout the world. Since there is some variation in the exact measurements of similarly classified violins by various makers, we have mathematically calculated a median size for each instrument. That length is indicated by the dot over the fraction on the Vio-Meter scale.

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