NVF Tenor Violin Strings SET

Item: #VL7SS550


For nearly 40 years, Super-Sensitive has proudly manufactured strings for the Violin Octet family. In the late ‘60s, Carleen Hutchins and Super-Sensitive President, John Cavanaugh, first began crafting these strings to help complete the Octet line of instruments. The pair, along with a handful of Catgut Acoustical Society assistants, precisely designed Super-Sensitive’s Octet series, following the scaling theory and acoustic principles created by Hutchins and the society. Their goal was to create a readily accessible string that best imitated the pure and traditional sound of gut core. To achieve this, Cavanaugh suggested utilizing Nylon, a low tension, synthetic imitation of gut. Nylon was just beginning to gain promise from many American and European craftsmen, as the primary professional core. Additionally, its stable and nearly weather resistant nature made Nylon the optimal choice for the Octet series. Today, the result of their effort is a full scope of Super-Sensitive Violin Octet strings that are gut-like and truly achieve superb tonal balance throughout the range of the Violin Octet family.

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