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Endpins for Cello and Bass

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Student End Pins for Cello and Bass

These endpins may require fitting to accomodate your instrument. Endpin holes that are too large will need to be plugged and redrilled. Cone diameters are measured at widest point (by collar) and may vary slightly.


Student Cello and Bass Endpins



Pearwood cello and bass endpin Ulsa, Pear wood cone, 8mm adjustable steel rod
52cm cello (Cone diameter 25.5mm)
35cm bass (Cone diameter 30mm)
Item #35-430
Item #45-430
Ebony cello endpin, affordable Ebony cone, 8mm x 52cm stainless steel rod (Cone diameter 25.5mm) Item #35-430E
  Ebony cone, 10mm x 45cm stainless steel rod (Cone diameter 30mm)   Item #45-432E

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