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AcuraMeister Fittings Sets

These elegant polished violin fittings sets are of fine quality. Made in India. Each set comes with a 2-piece InSight™ endpin that allows you to check the soundpost without disturbing the setup of the instrument. Nicely packaged in wooden case and cover. In limited quantities. Order while supplies last.
Image Hill Model


AcuraMeister Rosewood Violin Fittings Set, Ebony Accents - Hill Model Rosewood with ebony accents
Hill style violin peg set and tailpiece
Item #15-AM011RE
Image Heart Model


AcuraMeister Rosewood Violin Fittings Set, Boxwood Accents - Heart Model Rosewood with Boxwood accents
Heart style violin peg set and tulip style tailpiece.
Item #15-AM012RB

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