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Lemuel Violins

Fittings for Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass

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Otto Tempel fittings set
Fittings Sets

J.S.B. Fittings Sets
B&C Professional Fittings Sets
J.S.B. Fine Fittings Sets
Otto Tempel Fittings Sets Recommended
Other Fittings Sets

Rosewood chinrest

Composite Chinrests
Wittner Hypo-allergenic Chinrests
Wood Chinrests
Teller Chinrests - NEW!!
JSB Chinrests
JSB Hill Chinrests
B&C Chinrests
JSB Fine Fittings Chinrests
Otto Tempel Chinrests Recommended
Chinrest clamps, comforters and accessories

Boxwood Peg

Quality Wood Pegs
B&C Pegs
JSB Fine Fittings Pegs
Otto Tempel Pegs Recommended
'Les Bois d'Harmonie' Pegs

Planetary Pegs

Wittner Planetary FineTune Pegs for effortless tuning
Perfection Planetary Pegs NEW

Bass machines
Bass Machine Heads

High quality, German made brass machine heads.

Rosewood tailpiece

Wood Tailpieces
Teller Tailpieces
JSB Tailpieces
B&C Tailpieces
JSB Fine Fittings Tailpieces
Otto Tempel Tailpieces Recommended
Tailpieces with Built-In Tuners
Pusch Tailpieces (4 fine tuners)
'Les Bois d'Harmonie' Tailpieces Recommended
Tail Nylon, wire, and cord

Boxwood violin endpin

Rosewood cello endpin

Violin and Viola Endpins:
Wood Endpins
JSB Fine Fittings Endpins
B&C Endpins
Otto Tempel Endpins Recommended

Cello and Bass Endpins:
Student Endpins
Professional Ulsa
B&C Endpins Recommended
Les Bois d'Harmonie
Bender & Stahlhammer - NEW!

Endpin Parts (replacement tips & rods, bass wheels, endpin stoppers, etc.)

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