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Wittner FineTune Pegs

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Wittner FineTune Pegs for Violin, Cello and Guitar (made in Germany)

Wittner planetary peg inside

For those who have trouble tuning violin and cello strings with pegs, these FineTune Planetary Pegs by Wittner provide easy, quick, effortless and very fine precise tuning without any need for finger pressure towards or away from the peg box. Eliminate those tired and/or sore fingers.

Made from high-tech composite material and light alloys, these tapered pegs are put in place without any glue. Simply press the peg into the pegbox like any ordinary peg. The self-inhibiting transmission (8.5 : 1 gear ratio), inhibits string from losing any tension. The FineTune Peg (the shaft) needs not to be loosened or tightened in order to tune the instrument. Subsequently there is no friction, no wear on the peg or the peghole (no maintenance). Simply turn the head of the peg without any effort at all until intonation is correct.

Wittner planetary peg Wittner Planetary Pegs
Price per set. Size of pegs measured at the collar.
Violin - Item #15-201 $118.00 Select Size:
Viola - Item #25-201 $159.00 9.2mm at the collar
Cello - Item #35-201 $186.00 Select Size:
Wittner Finetune Flamenco Peg Wittner Finetune Flamenco Peg
For Flamenco Guitars, and other instruments.

Length: 72.5mm/2.85
Installation diameter: 9.5mm/0.37
Taper: 1:30

Price per peg.
Guitar (per peg) - Item #55-201 $39.00

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