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Carbon Fiber Violin Fine Tuner

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Carbon Fibre tuner for violin Tailpieces by Bogaro and Clemente


This lightweight carbon tuner weighs 0.9 grams, and will fit into the "key hole" of many standard tailpieces. The hole diameter must be 4.5 mm in diameter to fit well, the rubber washers will hold it tightly and prevent any rattling or noise. Holes less than 4.5 mm can be increased with a round file to accommodate. The hole depth should not exceed 4 mm (3.5 mm is probably ideal) in order for the cam lever to work effectively. There is a 1.5 mm hole through the base of the carbon cam which will accept ball-end strings only. It is sufficient in size to accommodate most strings, including many viola "C" strings.

The screw is metal, the nut is brass with rubber rings, and the cam lever is carbon fiber.

Instructions for installation:
1. Press smaller end of brass nut into tailpiece hole from underneath the tailpiece. The larger side of the nut will prevent the nut from pulling through.
2. Install the screw from above the tailpiece.
3. Slip the carbon cam lever into the slot from beneath the tailpiece.
4. Put peg end of string through the hole in the bottom of the carbon lever, feeding it through until the string stops at the ball.
5. If the lever is too wide for the slot, enlarge the slot with a file.

Note: the B&C fine tuners will not fit Otto Tempel tailpieces without extra fitting work.

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Bogaro & Clemente Carbon fine tuner for violin

Carbon tailpiece tuner

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