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Hi from Adelaide Australia

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Joined: 13 Jan 2022
Posts: 26
Location: Adelaide, South Australia

PostPosted: Sat Jan 15, 2022 1:00 am    Post subject: Hi from Adelaide Australia Reply with quote

I'm an 83 y.o. who needs something to challenge me before I'm boxed.
I chose violin making. Little did I know just how challenging that would be. Many of the questions I have had along the way so far, could Im sure, be answered in a luthier's course & in short order, but doing it independently in this drawn out way is really looking for a massive migraine, so I've come here to seek well intentioned amateur help instead of the tortuous, often half piecemeal answers, from elsewhere.

I should note here that many of the practical quality resources needed to make violins are just not available here in Australia & that is a massive negative compared to the reasonable availability of parts, in say the US. That is to be expected given the population difference but the associated freight costs are often not justifiable leaving one in the lurch & only open to inferior Chinese xzylw!!!!

Down the track (18/2)...........As I said above when I joined, this a very challenging subject, As such it needs more than a modicum of guidance.

So, it turns out that my time on these forums has been anything but helpful. Whenever I login the mainstream is overwhelmingly of lurkers. Practical & helpful support is almost non-existant & stats indicate that posts by registered users has dropped dramatically in recent years. It seems that it has become a coterie, almost exclusively, for intercourse between moderators & very few senior members. As such it is wasting my time & I have found much more useful online sites.

And why does the administrator's rules grant special privileges to moderators with regard to advertising. That seems counter intuitive & open to misuse?

Be warned!

...............As at 27/2 there are no registered users using this forum, probably the same for the other forums here. It has just become an archive for lurkers because they cannot get help any other way. Like them, once I have picked the bones of old posts I'll be out of here.

As a new user I was told by a disinterested moderator which mold to get me going. Trouble is there is virtually no information available for this Strad mold to make a respectable violin. Shame on you!

The Strad 1703 'Setembre' he recommended is not even mentioned in the Wikepdia full listing of Strads so he has left me 'dead in the water'.

Once there was a lot of interest in these forums but now it seem that the Administrator & his moderators have lost interest, but still want to retain their dubious leadership credentials, Maybe these forums need new leadership blood to reactivate interest again!
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Junior Member

Joined: 06 Mar 2022
Posts: 1
Location: Poland

PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2022 11:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello sir! Im new here too! If you need to buy college research papers online check this service. Also they can help with dissertation.
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John Cadd
Super Member

Joined: 23 Jul 2009
Posts: 729
Location: Hoylake

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2022 8:10 am    Post subject: Hi from Adelaide Reply with quote

Hello dalpets . I found you just now on the Mold topic versus Mr Darnton .
I had imagined you as a young maker but you are ahead of me . I`m only 79 .My ancestors arrived in Adelaide over one hundred years ago and there is a place named after them beside the vineyards . "Cadd Court". It`s north of the city Adelaide .The family had moved from England near Oxford .They were a farming family and moved onwards to America after 11years . Some stayed there in Australia . The American contingent became Original US settlers in San Bernadino . These were direct relations to our branch in Plymouth. One Annie Cadd married Wyatt Earp`s Father. (his third wife I think ). That`s on Wikipedia .
If you are fairly new to violin making I can describe a very useful tool I made for quick accurate thicknessing . It`s the single most useful thing I have .
Good luck .
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