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This links page is hosted by Lemuel Violins - Online Violin Catalogue

Please browse our catalogue, featuring string instruments and products for musicians and musical instrument makers.

We hope the links below are intersting and helpful. We would like to exchange links with other excellent web sites.

This links site is divided into three pages:

Violin Links Music Related Links

Miscellaneous Links

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Violin Making Links
Violin Making and Restoration Forum
Violin Acoustics
Violin Construction Photos - David Langsather

Links to Violin Makers and Shops
Violin Makers Association of British Columbia, Canada - Educational resource for the development of the art of violin making and other stringed instruments played with a bow.
David T. Van Zandt - Violin Maker in Seattle, WA
West Country Violins- Beautiful old violins, bows and fiddles at trade prices.
Vittorio Villa and Marcello Villa - Violin Makers in Cremona, Italy
Roger Hansell Violins- Fine hand made violin accessories and fittings
Sandro Asinari - Master Violin Maker in Cremona, Italy
Trabucchi Stefano - Master Violin Maker in Cremona, Italy
Violin & Bow Maker Dmitry Badiarov
Dmitry Gindin - Fine Antique Instrument Dealer and specialist in Italian violins from Cremona
MyLuthier - Fine Contemporary Violins, Violas & Cellos NEW!

Is your Stradivarius genuine? Please read this:
Stradivarius Violins- Smithsonian Institute
Information on Obtaining Authentication and Appraisal of Violins- Smithsonian Institute

Links to String Ensembles and Orchestras
Alani String Quartet - The Alani String Quartet is an exciting young Quartet based in the Bournemouth and Poole area of Dorset.

Bass Related
Bobthebassguy.com - Bob Gollihur's Resources for Double Bassists
Bassically.net - Lessons for the bassist
Basslinks.com - The Search Engine For Bass Players

Informative Sites
Guitar Junky - Helpful resources and in-depth reviews on music instruments.

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