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Customer Testimonials under Lemuel Violins
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Customer Testimonials Formerly under Luscombe Violins Inc.
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My beautiful Eastman case arrived yesterday afternoon (Monday, August 9). I love it! Thanks for your very efficient service, I will share your link with the cello community here in Victoria...Take care, - Wanda, BC, Canada

Dear Lemuel Violins, I have received the parcel. Thank-you very much for you. Customer services throughout the purchase process, the experience has been great! All the best - Adelino Pereira, Portugal

Hello Lemuel, I wanted to take a moment and thank you and compliment you on the top quality finger board provided. It is perhaps the best quality fingerboard on any of my violins! I put it on a 1880-1900 German or Czech trade instrument which my grandfather brought over from Czechoslovakia with him when he came to this country. He was not a man of means and he cherished this violin and it is the only possession of his I have. This is the remaining piece for my restoration! Thank you for your quality components! Best - Rob Mokry, CA, USA


Hello Lemuel and others my cello case arrived today. It is beautifully engineered and an unbelievably perfect fit, and handsome. Thank you for your craftsmanship and good service. - Fern Jordan, Lunenburg, NS, Canada

Dear Lemuel Violins,
I have received the parcel last night and the quality of the violin outfit and the violin case is wonderful. I will for sure enjoy this instrument for a long time ahead. Thank-you very much for you superb customer services throughout the purchase process, the experience has been great! All the best, - Lily, Canada

I also appreciate the quality of professional service I received from Lemuel violins. The instrument was exactly as you represented it to be and your service was fast and prompt and any questions I had were answered quickly and completely in a timely manner. I want to thank you for a great service and a great product. It was certainly a pleasure doing business with your company. I most certainly look forward to doing business with you in the future and I will recommend your company to others. -John Holotko, USA

Hello, just a quick note, order to follow. I purchased restoration supplies from you and they worked really well. The two violins I restored are beautiful and play like a dream great sound from both though very different. I just wanted to thank you. I will send a picture of the two violins: they are both from my family, one from 1770 and one from 1820. both had delaminated in several places and looked very bad. but the books and restoration supplies produced very beautiful and playable violins. My most sincere and hearfelt thanks. - John Wright, Hatfield, USA

Received the books , drawings and parts today in exellent condition. The bass drawings are very accurate and easy to read. The bass setup and repair book surely fill a gap for any repair person on double basses. Highly recommended. Thank you for very good service, friendly and quick communication and rapid shipment. Best regards - Jan A Sjåstad (luthier), Norway

Lemuel made actual measurements on the diameters of Wittner tuning pegs in stock, in order to determine the correct size for my need based on the peg hole diameters which I furnished. Lemuel gave directions and cautions regarding the use of the reamer used to modify the existing hole peg hole diameters as needed to accommodate the Wittner tuning pegs. Lemuel provided expedited handling and shipping of articles I purchased. Lemuel was as helpful as is possible giving data by telephone to an individual new to the specifics of violins. I am very thankful to have found Lemuel Violins by way of the Internet.
Thank you - George Yankura, USA

Lemuel, In my opinion,Lemuel Violins are the greatest discovery since sliced bread. Their blend of professionalism with the personal touch is a double stop that will certainly keep me coming back. - Xiled Scot, PEI , Canada

I have got a percel on last Saturday. And I have played violins and viola every day. These chinrests are very fit me and my instruments. I have listened very nice sound from there and have been supported by these chinrests. It is very satisfying result.
So I wish to express my gratitude to you. - Shinobu Nakayama, Tokyo, Japan

Dear Lemuel,
Thank you very much for spending time on the telephone discussing and advising me on the most suitable strings for my early eighteenth century Tyronean violin. The Pirastro Obligato strings that you recommended are fantastic and have breathed a new life into my violin and are excellent for the Irish music that I play. - John, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Receive my order. Excellent luthier tools. Shipping by Canpar is the fastest i ever seen. It is really worth the extra few dollars. Thanks - A. Pariseau, Quebec, Canada

I always really appreciated ordering from Lemuel Violins. Always had a great follow-up. Fine tonewood provider! - Bellefeuille Violons, Gatineau, Canada

I have had several pieces of violin wood sent to me from Lemuel violins. It has always arrived in good condition and as ordered. Their web site is one of the best I have seen in giving information regarding the grading and age of the timber. Lemuel has also gone to a lot of trouble to assist me with my extra enquires. I have used Canada Post Air Mail for delivery and found them very prompt. - Bob White, Australia.

My package of plans and the Reference Book arrived last week in perfect condition, a couple of weeks earlier than I was anticipating! I am most impressed with your your prompt replies to my questions and your delivery. A quick look through the contents tells me I will enjoy many hours constructing my double bass. I will be back in touch when I get to the fittings required for completion. - Trevor Corlett NSW Australia.

Dear Lemuel,
The package arrived today,everything was inside and in perfect condition. You are a very cooperative/supporting/friendly seller. Excellent international transaction,thank you very much! Best regards -
David Chen,Taiwan

Mr. Lemuel,
I have nothing but, praise for Lemuel Violins. I received the 'spirit' varnishes (red, brown & primer) 2 weeks ago and the varnishes have worked most excellently...the information on your web site gave me the confidence to re-varnish my 32 year violin (the original varnish was cracked and in many places the wood was exposed). The violin looks great now and in my opinion -sounds 'better' than ever. The sound post, sound post setter and inspection mirror is of excellent quality and when my sound post needs adjusting or, replacing I will be able to do this myself instead of having to drive all the way to the violin shop to get this done (saving me both time and $$$). The Arcos Brazil 'silver' bow is outstanding and draws a powerful, deep and rich sound which my old bow did not. I am very grateful you took the time to try out all the bows in your inventory to find me the one with the weight and bow maker I specified. Thank you, very much for your excellent customer support and high quality products. - David O., Hawaii, USA

I picked up the order today it had arrived in good order; this evening I installed the parts and restored my bow to operational status. I would recomend your company to anyone looking for parts. Your service was prompt and professional.
Thank you.
- Claude Dupont, Alberta, Canada

This is just a little note to say thank-you for your prompt and professional service. All your products and tools have been first-rate quality at very reasonable prices and always seem to be shipped out in a timely fashion. I also appreciate the fact that you follow up with an e-mail or phone call if there is a potential problem with my order (out of stock, for example) instead of letting me wait for weeks and then have to call myself, as I've had to do with many other businesses. It's nice to be treated as a valuable customer! Feel free to use this on your testimonial page! Thanks again, Lemuel! - A. Gillies, British Columbia, Canada

''We received the bass this morning, strung it up, and he started playing right away. It sounds great ! Just wanted to let you know that we are very satisfied with your service, good salesmanship, you're a calm person on the phone, very quick delivery, and an overall beautifully crafted, beautiful sounding instrument ! Alright thanks again for everything Lemuel, you've been very good to us.''
Have yourself a great day, and thanks again.
- Mario Tremblay, Canada

Hi Lemuel,
Just a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying my new upright bass. Thank you for all of your patience in answering my many questions. I really appreciate the extra efforts you took to give me the straight facts so I could make wise and informed choices. You listened carefully to my likes/dislikes to help me find the right instrument, then collaborated with your excellent luthiers to ensure everything was set up just right. The bass played great right out of the box and I can't get enough of the rich, soulful sounds that it makes. Finding the perfect instrument should not have been this easy, but it was. Thanks again, and you can definitely count me as one very happy customer - R
ichard Snow, Innisfil, Ontario, Canada

Hi Lemuel,
The package arrived yesterday, all very neatly wrapped. Everything was inside and in perfect condition. Thanks for being so trouble-free. It's wonderful to have everything from books to parts to tools available from one place. I'm already working on my next order. Best regards, - Ron, British Columbia, Canada

Lemuel, the pernambuco pegs arrived in 3 days as promised, and are as beautiful as I had hoped. I am very impressed with your helpful and speedy service. I know that I will be back to shop again! Thanks for everything. - P. Terry, Nebraska

Dear Lemuel Huang,
Nice follow-up and good communication, outstanding service and product. I like shop again with honest shop.
Chan Ka Wing Luthier, Hong Kong.

Hi Lemuel, Thanks again for the last order. Very personable and very helpful. Great communication. The selection is great and the products are top quality. - Regards Rob, Calgary, Canada
Hi Lemuel,
I received the Gelrest that I ordered from you. Thank you for your prompt response to my inquiry and for checking into which Gelrest style was the best fit for my Wittner violin chinrest. Great service! Thanks,
- Marie S. BC, Canada
My order arrived quickly and in fine condition. Thanks very much! I’m happy to have found out about your violin business in Ontario and have added your website to my Favourites Bar. (You may use this as a testimonial if you wish). - Bernie L.,Brockville, Ontario

Dear Lemuel,
You most certainly can use me on your testimonial page. We most surely will use your services again. You can supply to South Australia faster and of better quality and price than Australian wholesalers. Kindest regards
, - Shirley G Yeates, Australia

Hi Lemuel, The tuba gig bag arrived yesterday morning and it fits my Alexander perfectly! I'm very impressed with the quick delivery and with the quality of the product. Thank you for your excellent service - I will definitely recommend you to my collegues!
- Leslie P., Ontario, Canada

The package arrived today. You folks consistently have awesome service. Thanks again. - Wendy E. Haliburton, ON, Canada

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