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Repairing Violin Bow Tips

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New Original Tip and Liner Clamp
Repair Violin Bow Tips Easily

(also for viola, cello and bass bows)

Introduction The Problem

Repairing broken bow tips are quite common among violin bow repairs. However trying to align, stabilize and glue a new violin bow tip on the bow head using regular clamps or elastic bands can be frustrating. The bow tip becomes misaligned once pressure is applied to it. At other times, tightening the clamp causes the tip to move, get damaged or even break. The size of clamp itself or the elastic bands blocks physical and visual access to an already small area, preventing visual inspection and making minor adjustments such as wiping off excess glue difficult, if not impossible. For some of us, these problems exist on top of having to contend with our own unsteady hands.

An Innovative Solution

Thankfully, easy alignment is possible without any of the problems mentioned above using a special clamp designed for bow tip repairs the REZX violin bow tip and liner clamp. Here is a summary of the clamps advantages.

  • Bow rests in corked-lined clamp arm for stability before tightening (i.e. no more unsteady hands).
  • Even pressure on tip at point of contact and tightening without causing misalignment
  • Soft clamp surface to prevent damage or breakage
  • Easy unobstructed physical and visual access for final inspection and adjustments
  • Also works well with viola, cello and bass bow tips

Easy to Use

Using this clamp is very easy. Follow the instructions below paying close attention to the photos on the right column.


Open your package and make sure that the following items are included with your clamp:

  • Bow tip repair clamp
  • Four (4) pieces of wood (called shoes), one for each of violin, viola, cello and bass.

Use the photo on the right to familiarize yourself with the parts of the clamp.

Violin bow tip and liner repair clamp set

Using a small drum sander or similar sanding tool, shape the shoes as close as possible to fit the curve of the face of the bow head youll be repairing.

Note1: Because of the variance in shapes and sizes of bow tips, especially in viola, cello and bass bows, you may need to also rework the perimeter of the shoe to be just smaller than the perimeter of the tip you are working on.

Note2: To save time in the long run, make a new shoe each time you encounter a different shape of tip. After several jobs you will have a selection of shoes ready to use with little or no adjustment necessary.

Bow Tip Repair Shoe

Now prepare bow and tip for gluing, ensure surfaces are clean of all old glue and residue.

Clamp bow gently into a padded bench vice with bow head tip facing upward.

Violin bow in clamp - photo A

Clamp the REZX Bow Tip and Liner Clamp to the underside of the bow shaft such that the nose of the bow is approximately even with the front end of the REZX Clamp. The bow shaft should be resting in the cork lined clamp arm.

Use a protective pad or liner such as cork or felt between your clamp and bow to prevent damage.

Clamping REZX bow tip clamp - Photo B

Swing swivel hoop on REZX Bow Tip and Liner Clamp up and over the bow tip, and ensure the clamp screw is in approximate straight alignment with the bow head.

Tighten the bolt wing nut to secure the swivel hoop.

At this point check to be sure the clamp screw is close to perpendicular to the face of the bow head, as viewed from the side of the head, and adjust if necessary. This will help prevent the tip from sliding as you apply screw pressure.

Clamp screw bow head alignment - Photo C

Now apply glue to both surfaces being glued (bow head and bow tip liner)

Place clamp shoe on tip. Use knob to adjust clamp screw down against the clamp shoe to desired pressure.

Check and adjust alignment of bow tip as necessary, let set (Drying time depends on type of glue you use).

Congratulations! Thats it, you are finished!

Bow Tip Repair Finished


CAD $79.00 + applicable taxes (Canada only) To order this item click "Add to Cart" button on the right.
Comes complete with REZX bow tip repair clamp, four (4) shoes and instruction sheet.

Item #80-605ZX


REZX bow tip repair clamp is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days from date of shipment to end user. The user is solely responsible to ensure REZX products are handled safely, used for the purpose intended as described above, and kept away from children and pets.

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