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Shaping Violin Bridge Feet

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New Violin Bridge Fitting Tool
Helps Shape Violin Bridge Feet Perfectly to Top Arch

(also good for viola)

Introduction The Problem

The bottom surface area of a violin bridge feet needs to have maximum contact with the top arch of the violin for optimal transfer of sound vibrations. Existing violin bridge fitting tools and the use of sandpapers help to a certain extent. But minute gaps of non-contact surface area under the bridge feet often remain, leading to loss in acoustic energy transfer.

Furthermore, existing tools don't properly account for the tilt of the bridge. Sandpapers can damage the beautiful varnish on the violin. Uneven or bumpy surface areas on the violin top, affect accuracy. Consequently fitting violin bridge feet perfectly to the top arch is often left to advanced luthiers.

It's a Perfect Fit!

The objective is to shape the violin bridge feet to perfectly match the shape of the violin's top arch at the spot where the violin bridge is to be placed. This is possible using the new REZX Bridge Fitting tool for violin and viola. Here are the advantages:

  • Absolutely no movement of the tool or bridge required
  • Fully adjustable for correct placement and tilt of the bridge
  • Saves time and provides exact, repeatable, quick and easy placement of bridge
  • Accomodates any unevenness in the surface of the top plate
  • Eliminates use of sandpapers and grit that scratches varnish
  • Suitable for 1/2 size thru full size violins and violas
  • Easy perfect match of feet to top plate every time

Note: Every violin is different and variances to the norm need to be accessed and the bridge location and tilt need to be modified accordingly.

Instructions for using the REZX violin bridge fitting tool

To work with the REZX tool, you'll need two additional things:

  1. A couple of light duty bar clamps, such as Irwin or Mastercraft
  2. A small sheet of carbon paper about 5" X 2" wide.

When you open your package, your complete tool should be as shown on the right.

Violin bridge fitting tool set

Now locate the correct bridge location on your instrument. The norm for correct location is having 1/2 to 1/3 of the bridge thickness behind the F-hole inner notches, and centered between the f-holes side to side. In that location, the bridge should line up with the fingerboard when sighted from the pegbox.

Place the REZX bridge fitting tool on the instrument such that the centerline on the tool face is lined up with the centerline of the instrument. The face of the tool should be where the rear face of the bridge will be when in its final location.

Clamp the REZX tool to the violin using your own light clamps placed just behind the lower instrument corners and close to the face of the tool.

Violin bridge fitting tool - Photo A

Place the new bridge against the face of the REZX tool and verify that the bridge position front to back is correct, and adjust the tilt screw on the REZX tool to achieve the desired tilt of the new bridge.

The norm for tilt is that the rear face of the bridge should be at 90° to the surface of the instrument top.

Violin bridge fitting tool - Photo B

Sight down the fingerboard from the pegbox and holding the bridge in place, verify that the bridge location side to side is correct. Place the side arm guide snug against the bridge and tighten in place with the knurled thumb nut.

The norm is that the bridge lies centered with the fingerboard.

Violin bridge fitting tool - Photo C

Carve freehand the underside of the bridge feet to
approximate the final foot thickness and curve of the top.

Place a single piece of carbon paper, carbon side up, under both feet of the bridge, press down on bridge lightly while holding the bridge against the face of the REZX tool and the side arm guide to gently contact the carbon paper, and pull the carbon paper slightly sideways to leave some carbon residue on the bridge feet.

Remove bridge, observe high areas under bridge feet as indicated by the carbon residue. Carve away the high areas.

Repeat this step until underside of bridge foot shows an overall even deposit of carbon residue indicating a perfect fit!

Congratulations! Thats it, you are finished

Violin bridge fitting tool - Photo D


CAD $79.00 + applicable taxes (Canada only) To order this item click "Add to Cart" button on the right.
Full instruction sheet included.

Item #80-405ZX


All REZX tools are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days from date of shipment to end user. The user is solely responsible to ensure REZX products are handled safely, used for the purpose intended as described above, and kept away from children and pets.

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