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Violins (fully set up, but without case or bow)

GEWA Violins(NEW)
Quality at an affordable price describe the GEWA line of instruments. Beginning and advancing students who like German-style workmanship will find a large selection of violins to choose. We also have advanced quality GEWA violins, made in Germany, that have superior tonal qualities.
Samuel Eastman and Andreas Eastman Violins:
Instruments by Eastman Strings exhibit some of the highest quality of workmanship and tone available in their range. We have been carrying them for several years, and continue to be impressed by the consistency and excellence of these instruments.
Heffler Violins:
Quality European instruments are difficult to find at an affordable price, but in a small town of Forchheim, in the heartland of Germany's violin making history, the family workshop of Klaus Heffler produces fine instruments of outstanding value. Excellent workmanship and performance, with unmistakable German character. We are pleased to offer these 100% German instruments. Highly recommended!
Frederich Wyss Violin High quality German violins:
Violins by Rudoulf Doetsch, Wilhelm Klier and Frederich Wyss. These fine instruments are made in Germany, and finished in the Eastman Strings workshop. They are highly regarded, offering a deep, rich tonal palate.

Albert Nebel violins provide German quality at a modest price. These instruments are crafted in Germany and are varnished by hand at the Eastman Strings worshop in the same manner as the Doetsch violins in an antique finish.
Ivan Dunov Romanian Violin Ivan Dunov violins:
Made by Romanian craftsmen with European materials. Nicely flamed Maple. Fuller arch in the belly, hand varnished to give them an older appearance. Very warm and sweet sounding. Great instruments for intermediate students.
Don Young Violins:
Don Young violins are very attractive violins made by makers who skilfully work to produce a beautifully sounding French-style instrument that will bring enjoyment to your playing experience.
Unvarnished violins:
These white violins have outstanding quality wood selection, workmanship, and tone.
Used Violins for Sale
Occasionally we obtain used violins, outfits and other instruments. They are repaired and/or re-setup by a professional luthier.

Violins Outfits (include case and bow)

Samuel and Andreas Eastman Violin Outfits
complete with bow and case

Rudoulf Doetsch outfits

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