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Warchal Cello Strings

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Warchal cello strings

Warchal Cello Strings

Image Model Warchal Brilliant Cello Strings Price  
Warchal Brilliant cello strings

Offers exceptional tone quality at an affordable price! Intended for players who want a BRILLIANT, full, projecting sound with rich overtones. These strings truly enhances the character of the instrument.

I just put the Warchal Brilliant strings on it and it really came to life, crystal clear on all notes and increased resonance and sustain , and they are not even settled in yet.. you can draw the bow on those strings with no pressue, just the weight of the bow and a crystal clear sound radiates out.. Wow, who would have thought. And half the price of the Larsen Magnacore! - Perry Ross, Ontario, Canada

Item #37-W900 Warchal Brilliant Cello Set $221.30
Item #37-W901 Warchal Brilliant Cello A $35.20
Item #37-W902 Warchal Brilliant Cello D $35.60
Item #37-W903 Warchal Brilliant Cello G $58.40
Item #37-W904 Warchal Brilliant Cello C $92.60
Image Model Warchal Amber Cello Strings Price  
Warchal Amber cello strings

The Warchal Amber string set offers a more robust sound projection that is normally found in metal strings, while maintaining the beauty of sound. The metal A string provides more strength and durability than synthetic core, and increases elasticity at the same time, offering the most wonderful sound.

Item #37-W700 Warchal Amber Cello Set $252.90
Item #37-W700M Warchal Amber Cello Set, Metal A $252.90
Item #37-W701 Warchal Amber Cello A $40.10
Item #37-W701M Warchal Amber Cello A, Metal 40.10
Item #37-W702 Warchal Amber Cello D $40.50
Item #37-W703 Warchal Amber Cello G $66.60
Item #37-W704 Warchal Amber Cello C $105.60

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