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Warchal Viola Strings

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Viola Strings: Pirastro | Thomastik | D'Addario | Jargar | Larsen | Prim | Supersensitive | Corelli | Warchal

Warchal viola strings

Warchal Viola Strings

Image Model Warchal Karnel Viola Strings Price
Karneol violin strings

The Karneol set produces well balanced tones and velvet shadings that can be sculpted effectively. These strings have what we call a certain willingness to co-operate.

Item #27-W500 Warchal Karneol Viola String SET $63.08
Item #27-W501 A string $11.49
Item #27-W502 D string $13.58
Item #27-W503 G string $16.43
Item #27-W504 C string $21.75

Image Model Warchal Amber Viola Strings - NEW! Price
Amber violin strings
Item #27-W700.L Warchal Amber Viola String SET, Synthetic A, Long $104.31
Item #27-W710.L Warchal Amber Viola String SET, Steel A, Long $104.31
Item #27-W711.L A string, Synthetic, Long $18.85
Item #27-W711M.L A string, Metal, Long $18.85
Item #27-W712.L D string, Aluminum, Long $21.83
Item #27-W713.L G string, inox/silver/synthetic $26.36
Item #27-W714.L C string, inox/silver/synthetic $35.72

Image Model Warchal Brilliant Viola Strings Price
Brilliant violin strings

Designed for demanding players, Warchal's BRILLIANT strings offer concert-hall projection, luxurious and rich tonal complexity, as well as superior responsiveness and durability.

Item #27-W900 Warchal Brilliant Viola String SET $91.10
Item #27-W901 A string $16.72
Item #27-W902 D string $19.28
Item #27-W903 G string $23.18
Item #27-W904 C string $31.44

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