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Bow Lapping

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Bow Grips and Lapping

These bow lapping materials are intended for violin and bow makers, and require experience to properly install, except for the rubber grip which is a black rubber tube that can be slipped over the end of the bow. Prices of precious metals subject to change.
Image Lapping
  Rubber Bow Grip, fits violin, viola, and cello, easy installation Item #16-701
Rubber Bow Grip, as above, 24 pieces Item #16-701.24
Whalebone imitation, fine English, (second from left) 1 set of black and blonde Item #16-720
Sterling Silver, Sterling wire 927/000, 50g , 0.285mm (quantity will vary by a few grams and be calculated at $3.00 per gram) Out of stock - inquire Item #16-760.285
Fine silver (999/000), .285mm dia., 50g spool (quantity will vary by a few grams and be calculated at $2.60 per gram). Item #16-770.285
Tinsel Fine silver spun silk, 0.38mm, 6 meters length (2.2 grams, for one bow) Item #16-775.38 $10.00/gr
Tinsel Fine silver spun silk, 0.25mm Item #16-775.25 $15.00/gr
Rose-Gold wire, 14 karat, 0.25mm, price per gram (approx. 4 grams required for one bow) Item #16-780
Yellow-Gold wire, 18 karat, 0.285mm, price per gram (approx. 4 grams required for one bow) Item #16-790
  Leather, Skiver, black, for one bow, 30mm x 30mm Out of stock Item #16-741
Leather, Skiver, black, 30mm x 300mm (for 10 bows) Out of stock Item #16-741.10
Goat Leather, textured, 30mmx300mm (for 10 bows) Item #16-742
Kangaroo leather, for one bow Item #16-744.1
Kangaroo leather, 30 mm x 300 mm (for 10 bows) Item #16-744
Lapping, Buffalo leather that has been embossed with a lizard surface texture. It looks and feels like real lizard leather.
Item #16-746

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