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Violin Bridge Parchment

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Bridge Parchment for Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass

Bridge Parchment Bridge Parchment

Used primarily for E-string protection. A thin, strong, treated leather glued on the bridge to protect where pressure causes the strings to cut into the bridge. The very thick parchment works well for repairs or patches.

Average sheet sizes are around 3 x 12 inches, which will serve for many bridges.
Thicker sheets weigh more. Prices below are approximate for the listed weights. Actual cost will be calculated when weighed.

Violin bridge parchment (Thin), approx. 3 grams - Item #19-100.1 $7.50
Cello bridge parchment (Medium), approx. 4 grams - Item #19-100.2 $10.00
Bass bridge parchment (Thick), approx. 5 grams - Item #19-100.3 $12.50
Parchment (Very Thick), approx. 6 grams - Item #19-100.4 $15.00

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