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Double Bass Bridge Adjusters

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Double bass bridge adjusters for adjusting the height of the bridge while strings are installed.

Image Bridge Parts, Blanks, Supplies
Violin Viola Cello


Bridge Blank Bridge blanks
Make your own bridges! High quality Maple bridge blanks are available from Despiau

See our Despiau Bridges page

See our Despiau Bridges page

See our Despiau Bridges page

Aluminum Bass Bridge Adjuster Aluminum Bass Bridge Adjusters
Used for adjusting the height of bass bridges. Each adjuster is milled from a single piece of aluminum. Set of 2. Thread side shaft diameter: 5/16"
      Item #49-140

Aluminum Bass Bridge Adjusters
Same as above. Thread side shaft diameter: 1/4"
      Item #49-141

  Custom Installation
Select this option if you want us to install bass bridge adjusters to any bass bridge of your choice.
      Item #49-14INST

Image Wooden Bass Bridge Adjusters
Ebony Bass Bridge Adjuster Ebony bass bridge adjusters. Set of 2.

These are actually shown upside down. The smooth shaft should be glued into the upper part of the bridge leg, and the lower "threaded" part should be free in the foot. The round plate fits the thread of the shaft, and is used to raise or lower the height of the bridge.

A hole of 10 mm is required for fitting these adjusters. This hole should be drilled before the leg is cut to ensure proper alignment of the bridge leg and foot when the adjuster is installed.
Item #49-141E $74.50
Boxwood Bass Bridge Adjuster Boxwood bass bridge adjusters. Set of 2
Please refer to the information above.
Item #49-141B $74.50

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