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Violin Bridges, Viola, Cello, Bass

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Bridges: AUBERT | Despiau | Milo Stamm | Milo Baroque | Teller | Adj. Bass Bridges | Parts | Bridge Parchment | Gamba

Bridges for Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass

We offer a wide selection of the finest quality European bridges and bridge blanks.

Aubert Bridges AUBERT à Mirecourt Bridges

Made in France
Quality brand name, AUBERT, known and respected world-wide.

Despiau Bridges Chevalets Despiau
Made in France
High quality French bridges made from selected European maple. Square bridge blanks also available.
Korolia Bridges NEW!
Made in Serbia
Very high quality Serbian bridges made from selected European maple. Square bridge blanks also available. Korolia bridges are voiced for a desirable medium response on the darkness-brightness scale.
Milo Stamm Bridges Milo Stamm Bridges

Made in Germany
These bridges are constructed of high grade, dense Maple.

Milo Stamm Baroque Bridges

For baroque violin, viola, and cello

Josef Teller Bridges

Josef Teller Bridges

Quality German bridges.

Adjustable Bass Bridges

Adjustable bass bridges

Bridge Parchment Bridge Parchment

High quality bridge parchment for violin, viola, cello and bass bridges.

Bass Bridge Adjuster Bridge Parts and Accessories

Bass bridge adjusters, made from Ebony, Boxwood, and aluminium.

Gamba Bridges

Gamba Bridges

Bridges for baroque instruments.

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