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Violin Hide Glue

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Animal Glue for Musical Instrument Makers

Image Hide Glue, dry granular form - must be prepared.
Instructions for preparation: HTML | PDF | Word (.doc)
100 grams 500 grams
Animal Glue
250g strength - Seam and joint work
Item #2-4250.100
Item #2-4250.500

Animal Glue
315g strength - Standard for seam and joint work
Average working time

Item #2-4315.100
Item #2-4315.500
Animal Glue
380g strength, - High strength for cracks
Item #2-4380.100
Item #2-4380.500
Animal Glue
420g strength, - Very high strength for cracks
Item #2-4420.100
Item #2-4420.500
Animal Glue
480g strength, - Ultra high strength for cracks
Item #2-4480.100
Item #2-4480.500
Click to Enlarge Rabbit Skin Glue - NEW! 100 grams 500 grams
Rabbit Skin Glue Rabbit Skin Glue, Granulate - Recommended

More viscous than hide or bone glue. High yield, very elastic. Light yellow glue line.
Item #2-5154.100
Item #2-5154.500

French Glue Brush

Click to Enlarge   4mm 10mm
  French glue brush

These brushes are an excellent tool when working with hide glue. They are made with natural hairs that absorb and disperse the glue evenly. The hairs are attached with strong plastic ferrule rather than metal which can rust and react with the glue. Beechwood handle.
Item #2-715.8
Item #2-715.12

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