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Violin Making Chisels and Gouges

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Recommended Tool List

Carving Tools (Chisels and Gouges)

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Pfeil Chisels
(Other sizes can be obtained - please inquire)

Cut Model/Price
Straight, double bevel
Item #8D-6800
Select Size:
  Skew cut, double bevel

Item #8D-6801
Select Size:
  Skew cut, double bevel - As above, Size 12mm Item #8D-6801.12

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Pfeil Gouges
(Other sizes can be obtained - please inquire)
Sweep Model/Price
#2 sweep, 12mm
Item #8D-6802.12
As above, 20mm Item #8D-6802.20
As above, 30mm Item #8D-6802.30
#3 sweep, 8mm
Item #8D-6803.8 $37.40
As above, 12mm Item #8D-6803.12
As above, 20mm Item #8D-6803.20
  #5 sweep, 5mm
Item #8D-6805.5
As above, 8mm Item #8D-6805.8
As above, 12mm Item #8D-6805.12
As above, 16mm Item #8D-6805.16
#7 sweep, 18mm
Item #8D-6807.18
As above, 25mm Item #8D-6807.25
  #8 sweep, 7mm
Item #8D-6808.7
As above, 10mm Item #8D-6808.10
As above, 13mm Item #8D-6808.13
As above, 18mm Item #8D-6808.18
  #9 sweep, 7mm
Item #8D-6809.7
  Inside bevel, #6 sweep, 16mm
For cutting violin/viola corner blocks
Item #8D-6556.16
Inside bevel, #6 sweep, 26mm
For cutting cello corner blocks
Item #8D-6556.26
Click to Enlarge SPECIALTY TOOLS Pfeil Bow Making Chisels Model/Price
Chisel, 2mm Item #8D-6850.2
Chisel, 3mm Item #8D-6850.3
Click to Enlarge F-Hole Cutters Model/Price
F-Hole cutters set, for violin/viola(5.5/6.0/6.5/7.0/7.5/8.0/8.5/9.0/9.5/10mm) Item #8D-6110
F-Hole cutters set, for cello (12.0/12.5/13.0/13.5/14.0/18.0/18.5/19.0/19.5/20mm) Item #8D-6109

The Peg Ringer

The peg ringer is an ingenious tool designed to make a permanent, professional repair to the dreaded crack that occasionally develops in the side of the pegbox, usually between the A and D pegholes. It allows a circular groove to be milled on the inside of the pegbox wall, concentric to the peghole, so that a brass ring can be inlaid to securely prevent peg tension from reopening the crack. This tool eliminates the need for the costly and time-consuming cheek graft procedure, which involves removing original material to reinforce the weakened area. Made in Germany of tool grade hardened HSS. Also useful for other similar repair work.



Complete Peg Ringer Tool Set
Includes peg ringer tool, violin/viola cutter, cello cutter, 10 violin rings, 10 cello rings
Item #8D-6100
Peg Ringer tool only - Comes with violin/viola cutter Item #8D-6101
Cello cutter Item #8D-6103
Brass rings for violin/viola, 10 pcs, 11.2mmOD/10ID Item #8D-6101.1
Brass rings for cello, 10pcs, 15.1mmOD/13.7mmID Item #8D-6101.3
Stainless steel rings for violin/viola, 10 pcs Item #8D-6102.1
Stainless Steel rings for cello, 10 pcs Item #8D-6102.3

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