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Sub-Index Varnish: Violin Varnish | Brushes, Thinners and Oils | Gums, Resins & Dyes | Glossary | Recipes & Info

Varnish Brushes

Varnishing brush of black cattle hairs, worked in a combined form. This brush, which is designed for the finest application of varnish, is used for all spirit varnishes and oleo-resinous (oil) varnishes. They have double hair thickness, enabling them to absorb a large amount of varnish.
Violin stains can be found here.

15mm Cattle hair brush for instrument varnishing Item #2-705.15

20mm Cattle hair brush for instrument varnishing Item #2-705.20

30mm Cattle hair brush for instrument varnishing Item #2-705.30
40mm Cattle hair brush for instrument varnishing Item #2-700.40

Violin Varnish Thinners, Brush Cleaners, Siccative (Dryer)

Violin Oil Varnish Brush Cleaner 100 ml - Photo JOHA Brush cleaner, 100 ml bottle Item #2-10
Violin Oil Varnish Siccative Dryer 100 ml - Photo JOHA Siccative (dryer) for oil varnishes, 100 ml bottle Item #2-10S
Violin Oil Varnish Dilution Thinner 100 ml - Photo JOHA Oil varnish thinner (Dilution), per 100 ml. Recommended thinner for JOHA oil varnishes, it is specially formulated to yield best results. Item #2-10D
DENATURED Alcohol, per 100 ml. Solvent, thinner and cleaner for spirit based varnishes. Item #2-DAG2A.100
DENATURED Alcohol, per 500 ml, same as above. Item #2-DAG2A.500
For cleaning oil varnish brushes and thinning oil varnish. See Item #2-Balsam below.

Balsam & Volatile Oils, 100 ml

Balsam Turpentine, Portuguese. Cleaning/thinning oil varnish. Item #2-BALSAM
Violin Varnish Copaiva Balsam Pure 100ml - Photo Copaiva Balsam, pure Item #2-COPAIVA
Violin Varnish Venetian Turpentine 100ml - Photo Venetian Turpentine, thick, softener Item #2-VENETIAN
Lavender oil, pure Item #2-LAVENDER
Violin Varnish Lavendar Spike Oil Pure 100ml - Photo Lavender Spike oil, pure Item #2-SPIKE
Violin Varnish Rosemary Oil Pure 100ml - Photo Rosemary oil, pure Item #2-ROSEMARY
Eucalyptus oil, pure, 50ml Item #2-EUCALYPTUS
Sandalwood Oil, East Indian (30 ml bottle) Item #2-SNDLOIL

Stains, 100ml bottle

Water stain, NO. 421, Antique Stain Item #2-WS421
Water stain, No. 428, Old Golden Brown Item #2-WS428
Violin Varnish Ebony Stain Opaque 100ml - Photo JOHA Ebony stain, Opaque Item #2-Ebonizo

Pumice and Rottenstone, prices per 100g

Pumice, very fine Item #2-PUM00
Violin Varnish Pumice Stone Medium 100 grams - Photo Pumice, medium fine Item #2-PUM0
Violin Varnish Rottenstone Fine 100 grams - Photo Rottenstone, finer than pumice Item #2-ROTT

Other Ingredients and Materials Model/Price
Alum, per 100 grams Item #2-ALUM
  Ammonium sulphate, per 100 grams Item #2-AMSULPH
  Gelatin powder, technical, per 100 grams Item #2-GELATIN
  Lycopodium Powder, per 100 grams Item #2-LYCOPOD
  Potash, per 100 grams Item #2-POTASH
  Potassium Silicate, per 100 ml, 30% solution Item #2-POTSILCATE

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