Violin Varnish Making Ingredients - Gums, Resins, Stains, Lacs
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Violin Varnish Making Ingredients, Supplies

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Sub-Index Varnish: Violin Varnish | Brushes, Thinners and Oils | Gums, Resins & Dyes | Glossary | Recipes & Info

Violin Varnish Supplies
Prepared violin varnish also available.

Ingredients for making and applying violin spirit and oil varnishes, including brushes, gums, resins, dyes, oils, lacs, and more.

Violin Varnish, Metric conversions

Weight: 1 Gram = 0.0353 Ounces / 1 Ounce = 28.35 Grams
Volume: 1 Millilitre = 0.0338 Ounces (US) / 1 Ounce (US) = 29.57 Millilitres

Violin Varnish Making Books, DVDs

Violin Varnishes By Joseph and Reiner Hammerl, go to this page
Cremonese Varnish Secrets, Edited by Vincenzo Gheroldi, go to this page

Cleaner/polish can be found here

  Violin Stain (water based, for applying to wood) per 90ml bottle Model/Price
Water stain, Old Golden Brown Item #2-WS428
Ebony Stain Ebony stain, Opaque Item #2-Ebonizo

Gums and Resins, per 100g - Glossary of Varnish Ingredients

Violin Varnish Gum Ammoniac - Photo Ammoniac, Gum Item #2-Ammoniac
Violin Varnish Amber Resin - Photo Amber resin Item #2-Amber
  Arabic/Acacia, Gum Item #2-Acacia
  Benzoin Gum Pure Almonds, Siam Item #2-Benzo
  Burgundy pitch Item #2-Burgund
  Colophonium Rosin, pure Item #2-Coloph
  Copal, Manilla lumps Item #2-Copal
Violin Varnish Gum Copal Congo Hard - Photo African Copal Congo Gum, hard Item #2-Copalc
Out of stock
  Damar Gum, brown Item #2-Damarb
  Damar Gum, A - white, big lumps Item #2-DamarW
Elemi, Gum, (softener for spirit varnish) Item #2-Elemi
Frankincense Item #2-Frank
Violin Varnish Gum Mastic Tears - Photo Mastic, Gum, in tears, pure Item #2-Mastic
Violin Varnish Myrrh Gum - Photo Myrrh Gum Item #2-Myrrh
Propolis, raw Item #2-Propolis
Violin Varnish Sandarac Gum - Photo Sandarac, Gum, genuine in tears Item #2-Sandarac
Violin Varnish Seedlac Resin - Photo Seedlac, Kusmi, natural Item #2-Seedlac
Violin Varnish Shellac Bleached Dewaxed - Photo Shellac, sun-bleached, dewaxed Item #2-Shellbl
Violin Varnish Shellac Lemon - Photo Shellac, lemon, highest quality Item #2-Shellem
Violin Varnish Shellac Orange - Photo Shellac, orange Item #2-Shellor
Violin Varnish Shellac Red (Rubin) - Photo Shellac, red (garnet) Item #2-Shellru
Violin Varnish Shellac White Powder - Photo Shellac, white, powder, dissolves clear Item #2-Shellwh
Sticklac, Siamese, large pieces Item #2-Sticklac


Natural Dyes per 100g - Glossary of Varnish Ingredients
Most of these are supplied in their natural form (raw, dry), and must be prepared

  Violin Varnish Accroid Red Dye - Photo Accroid, red Item #2-Accroid
  Alkanet, red Item #2-Alkanet
  Violin Varnish Aloe Yellow to Yellow Brown Dye - Photo Aloe, yellow to yellow-brown Item #2-Aloe
  Ashphalt, Syrian, brown Item #2-Asphalt
  Campechy wood, dark red, yellow Item #2-Campech
  Violin Varnish Catechu Brown Dye - Photo Catechu, brown Item #2-Catechu
  Violin Varnish Dragon's Blood Red Dye - Photo Dragon's blood, red Item #2-Dragon
  Violin Varnish Kamala Yellow to Orange Dye - Photo Kamala, yellow to orange Item #2-Kamala
  Violin Varnish Madder Root Powder Dye - Photo Madder root, powder, red Item #2-Madder
  Violin Varnish Orlean Yellow to Orange Red Dye - Photo Orlean, yellow to orange red Item #2-Orlean
  Violin Varnish Rhattany Root Red Dye - Photo Rhattany root, red Item #2-Rattan
  Saffron, American, yellow, please inquire about availability Item #2-Saffam
  Violin Varnish Saffron Genuine Spanish Dye - Photo Saffron, Genuine Spanish in strands (price per 1 gram) Item #2-Saffspa
  Violin Varnish Sandalwood Powder Orange-Red Dye - Photo Sandalwood, fine ground, orange-red Item #2-SANDALPWDR
  Logwood extract, for staining black Item #2-Log

  JOHA Dye Extracts - Glossary of Varnish Ingredients
Made in Germany, these liquid based dye extracts were prepared for mixing with existing clear varnish solutions. They are soluble in both spirit and oil.
30ml size 90ml size
Amber liquid color extract - Photo Color Extract, Amber Item #2-13A.30
Item #2-13A.90
Brown liquid color extract - Photo Color Extract, Brown Item #2-13B.30
Item #2-13B.90
Black liquid color extract - Photo Color Extract, Black Item #2-13BK.30
Item #2-13BK.90
Blue liquid color extract - Photo Color Extract, Blue Item #2-13BL.30
Item #2-13BL.90
Green liquid color extract - Photo Color Extract, Green Item #2-13G.30
Item #2-13G.90
Golden-Brown liquid color extract - Photo Color Extract, Golden Brown Item #2-13GB.30
Item #2-13GB.90
Golden-Yellow liquid color extract - Photo Color Extract, Golden Yellow Item #2-13GY.30
Item #2-13GY.90
Red liquid color extract - Photo Color Extract, Red Item #2-13R.30
Item #2-13R.90
Red-Brown liquid color extract - Photo Color Extract, Red Brown Item #2-13RB.30
Item #2-13RB.90
Yellow liquid color extract - Photo Color Extract, Yellow Item #2-13Y.30
Item #2-13Y.90

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