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Electronic Tuners And Metronomes

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Electronic Tuners


'IntelliTouch Tuner'

Chromatic tuner. Clips on instrument, backlit display, programmable, includes case.

Item #14-PT1
D'Addario Planet Waves NS Micro Violin Tuner

D’Addario Planet Waves NS Micro Violin Tuner
Key features:

  • Padded mount fits most standard violins and violas
  • Visual metronome
  • Easy to read multi-color display
  • Easy to use non-marring lever-lock clamp
  • Fast pitch response makes this an effective practice tool for improving intonation
  • Fits violas up to 1.57” thick
Item #14-PWCT14

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Electronic Tuner/Metro/Thermo/Hygro Combos (Multifunction)


'Intelli' Metronome/Tuner 4-in-1 Digital Guitar/Chromatic Tuner & Metronome

Accurate and Intelligent Metronome - suitable for all instruments and voice
- Accurate and Intelligent Guitar/Chromatic Tuner/Reference Pitch Generator
- Digital Metronome
- Wide Screen LCD Meter - Slim and Compact Design
- Synthesized Digital Sound for Loud and Clear Tone
- Built-in Retractable Stand on back
- AAA Batteries Included

Item #14-IMT204

'Intelli' clip-on chromatic tuner

Accurate and Intelligent tuner - just clip on to the tuning peg.
- Compact design - takes up very little space.
- Wide Screen back-light LCD Meter
- AAA Batteries Included

Item #14-IMT900
Out of stock


Mechanical Metronomes

Malzel Metronome, with bell, mahogany

Malzel Metronome, with bell, mahogany

- Solid wood casing
- Mahogany-coloured, mat silk, with bell

Item #14-812


Electronic Metronomes


Dual Digital Metronome & Reference Pitch Generator

Accurate and Intelligent Metronome

Slim and Compact Design

Dual Digital Metronome and Reference Pitch Generator

Item #14-IM20

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