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Wolf Tone Eliminators

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Wolf Tone Eliminators for Cello and Bass

Violin Viola



REZX Resonance Modulator eliminates wolf tones for violin, viola, cello and bass
  • Tames wolf notes
  • Adjusts instrument tone
  • Adjustable during performance
  • No more fiddling with strings, bridges and soundpost to tweak the tone
  • Uses magnets so is easy to install, uninstall, and move in seconds without gluing, drilling or otherwise damaging or modifying the structure or finishes of the instrument.
Item #14-REZX
Item #24-REZX
Item #34-REZX
Item #44-REZX

#930 Wolf Tone Eliminator     Item #34-930


Wolf-Be-Gone wolftone eliminator for cello and bass Item #14-931
Same as violin Item #34-931

Same as cello

#937 'Lupus EX - Resonator' to be glued inside the belly.

    Item #34-937
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