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So ... you want to make a Double Bass Book
by Peter Chandler

For those interested in constructing their own string bass, this book fills the need for a book that carefully and thoroughly discusses the processes of bass construction from start to finish. The many illustrations and photographs greatly help to make the process simpler and more interesting. Definitely a worthwhile addition to the library of any amateur or professional luthier or musician interested in the acoustics and mechanics of instrument making. Dealer/quantity inquiries welcome. 93 pages, soft cover.

The plans to accompany this book are available in nine models and available separately.

Bass Construction Forum: We have a special forum on our message board for the discussion of bass construction.

So ... you want to make a Double Bass Plans Album

Item #70-5303.ALBUM

This set includes the book and complete set of nine plans. Purchase the whole works and save!


So ... you want to make a Double Bass (book only)

Item #70-5303

So ... you want to make a Double Bass (book only)


Bass Making Book, Peter Chandler

From the Back Cover
by the author, Peter Chandler

"By following the instructions in 'So you want to make a Double bass', anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of carpentry tools and their use should be able to make a playable bass.

"Instrument making is, in my opinion, less exacting than furniture making as curved lines are more forgiving than straight lines.

"Preparation of workshop and tools needed are discussed in chapter one.

"Details of making the four main parts - neck, scroll, rib assembly, front and back - are each allotted a chapter as are my varnishing process and set up.

"The final chapter describes my method of copying a bass...."

93 pages, soft cover.

Details from the Book

Bass making book, sample spread

The book includes full colour pictures, measurements and information about the basses that are available in the full size patterns (not included with the book).

Bass making book, sample pageBass making book, sample page

Plenty of photographs (colour and b&w), illustrations and diagrams detailing each step of the process.

The book (Chandler) is wonderful and beautiful and will be immensely useful to me as an aspiring bass maker. I liked it so much I ordered some of the plans today. Keep up the good work. ... I give this book very high marks for clarity, accuracy, completeness, and wisdom. I give it an 'A'. - W. Dotson, NY

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