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Setup and Repair of the Double Bass, Book

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The Setup and Repair of the Double Bass for Optimum Sound, Book by Chuck Traeger

Download corrections to this book here (PDF format)

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Item #70-6601

Setup and REpair of the Double Bass, book cover

A Manual for Players, Makers, and Repairers
From the back cover

"This big new book is the bible for the bass - complete information on repair & optimization.

"For the player who wants more & better sound, & for the luthier who will provide it.

"Presents detailed, clear, correct & efficient techniques for practically any repair. Thoroughly illustrated, 377 pages.

"This book contains secrets you will find nowhere else on how to make ANY bass louder, evener & easier to play."

With David Brownell and Bill Merchant.

Setup and Repair of the Double Bass, back cover

Table of Contents

I. Philosophy
1. Some General Observations
2. Optimum Sound
3. Science Catches Up With Art
4. Bass Repair - A Specialized Form of Repair

II. The Setup for Optimum Sound
6. Some General Observations on the Setup for Optimum Sound
7. The End Pin
8. Making a Nut
9. Making and Positioning a Soundpost
10. Model Matching
11. Making a Bridge - Proper Bridge Placement & Preventing Warping
12. Making a Regular Saddle - Making a High Saddle


III. Section 1 General Outside Repairs
13. The Shop
14. Glues and Gluing
15. Repairs to the Outside of the Body
16. Re-cutting a Bridge Top & Extending the Bridge Legs
17. Making a Bridge, Part 1 - Centering the Bridge & Fitting the Feet
18. Installing & Making a Bridge, Part 2 - Adjusters & Finishing the Bridge
19. Lengthening or Shortening a Fingerboard
20. Replacing a Fingerboard
21. Fitting a shim under the Fingerboard
22. Dressing the Fingerboard

III. Section 2 The Neck and Scroll
23. Neck & Scroll Repairs
24. Neck Thickness
25. Resetting a Neck
26. Replacing an Entire Neck and Scroll
27. Neck Too Short - Endgrain Shim at the Neck Butt
28. To Shorten and Existing Neck with Original Scroll Graft
30. Another Scroll Graft
31. Scroll & Tuning Box Broken
32. Tuning Machines
33. Installing a Fingered C Extension

III. Section 3 - Major Open Repairs the the Body of the Bass
34. Opening for Repairs - Taking the Top Off
35. Repairing the Back
36. Blocks

37. Ribs and Linings
38. Top Repairs
39. Plate Graduation
40. Installing a New Bass Bar
41. Reshaping a Top
42. Tongue & Groove & 'Flying Dutchmen' - Dutchmen (Double Dovetail) Keys
43. Putting the Top Back On

IV.. Alternative Repair Techniques
44. Adding a Big Piece of Top or Back
45. Repair a Broken Neck - A Hidden Inlay Spline
46. Inletted Peg Box Repairs
47. Shims in the Mortise for the Neck
48. Dowel Pins in Bass Bar
49. Preserving the Scroll with a C Extension
50. Grafts: Corners, Edges and Button
51. Custom Purfling
52. Center Insert to Widen a Shrunken Round Back Bass

V.. Finishing Up
53. Re-hairing the Bass Bow
54. Other Bow Problems
55. Varnishing & Touch up
56. Writing an Appraisal

A. Specifications for Optimum Sound
B. The Air and Wood Modes of the Violin
C. Humidity and the Double Bass
D. List of Suppliers

Note from Lemuel Violins: A few of the repair method explained in this book recommend hardware methods which not all instrument makers are comfortable with performing on rare or expensive instruments. These methods employ screws and other metal hardware. However, this is not meant to distract from the book, as there is a vast amount of material here (indeed it is the finest work of its kind that we know of); and there are competent makers that do perform hardware repairs to double basses

NEW! CODA to The Setup and Repair of the Double Bass for Optimum Sound, Book by Chuck Traeger

Model/Picture Price/Description
Item #70-6602

CODA to The Setup and Repair of the Double Bass for Optimum Sound
First Edition, 2009, 63 pages, by Chuck Traeger

A book containing NEW Sound Setup Discoveries and Repair Tips.

(From the back cover)

Chuck Traeger has continued his research into what makes a double bass sound and play at its maximum potential with this CODA to his magnum opus, "The Setup & Repair of the Double Bass for Optimum Sound". Contained herein are new sound setup discoveries and repair tips. The book also features pictures of ten signed instruments by name makers, photographed by Bill Merchant.


Table of Contents

I. Setup
1. Before you start
2. The Endpin - Mightier than the Sound Post
3. The Heart and Soul of the Bass or How to Make the Bass Louder and More Responsive
4. Simplifying Mode Matching
5. Making a Bass Brighter or Darker
6. More About Sound Posts
7. Strings
8. Putting On the Strings
9. Things that Hurt the Sound

II. Repair
10. Before Beginning a Major Repair or Overhaul
11. A Shrunken Back Repair
12. Five String Neck Thicknesses
13. Stand Height
14. Flat Back Crossbars
15. Alternate Methods
16. Don't Be Upset When
17. Self Service Repairs
18. White Glue Warning
19. Mission Impossible

III. Ancillaria
20. Protocols
21. Travel Tip
22. Repairer's Oath
23. The Must Be 3 C's
24. The Quest


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