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Books about Violin Making, Bow Making & Violin Restoration Books

The Secrets of Stradivari, Simne Sacconi *Now Available*
The Secrets of Stradivari Recommended
By Simone F. Sacconi

Considered by many to be the greatest treatise on violin making, this was the culmination of lifelong research into Stradivari's methods. This English translation includes numerous illustrations and a full catalogue of the moulds, templates and tools Cremona's Stradivari Museum.
Hardcover, 264 Pages, 185 Illustrations
Item #70-001 $290.00

Violin Restoration
By Hans Weisshaar and Margaraet Shipman

Probably the best information in book form on the subject of repairs and restoration. Good for makers as well as restoration work. Many useful and professional pointers, specifications, as well as detailed information. This book is bound to raise the standard of quality and proficiency of the reader. Well thought out and illustrated.
Cloth hardcover; 263 pages; text in English.

Item #70-6104 $390.00
The Art of Bow Making

The Art of Bow Making DELUXE EDITION
By Joseph Kun and Joseph Regh, limited to 500 copies.

This work is a comprehensive and intelligent description of proven methods of creating any desired characteristics in a bow, and doing so repeatedly and predictably. No mysteries are included, since reasons and explanations are given for each operation, many of which are original with the authors and disclosed for the first time. The fact that both men have also had many decades of experience as instrument makers makes them especially well qualified to understand the complex interplay between instruments and bows. Hairing, Wood selection, tooling, jigs, complete procedure for bow and frog. Fully illustrated with photographs.

Deluxe Edition Leather hardcover in cloth sleeve, 141 pages

Item #70-3338 $335.00

The Art of Bow Restoration NEW!
By Joseph Regh, library 1st edition, 2010

Another winner! Joseph Regh has done it again with this excellent reference covering in great detail and care all aspects of bow repair and restoration. Additional appedix is included on glues, shells, metals, screw threads, varnish and coloring agents, measuring techniques for hair tension, strength of stick, period of oscilliation, moment of inertia and center of percussion. Packed with fully illustrated colored photos.


Item #70-3340
Bass Repair Book Cover

The Setup and Repair of the Double Bass for Optimum Sound
by Chuck Traeger 377 pages of essential information for bassists, bass repair people and makers.


Item #70-6601

CODA to The Setup and Repair of the Double Bass for Optimum Sound NEW!
First edition, 2009, by Chuck Traeger

63 pages, 24 chapters of NEW Sound Setup Discoveries and Repair Tips


Item #70-6602
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