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Hiscox Cello Cases

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Hiscox Deluxe Moulded Cello Cases, with wheels
Made in England

Hiscox Cello Case

These cello cases are suited to the needs of professional cellists as well as advanced students. Rugged, durable and light weight, they are designed to be a joy to use and own.

Strong moulded ABS construction

Exterior colours: Ivory or black.

Interior colours: Blue, green or burgundy

Weight: 12.8 lb/5.8 kg (black) and 13.2 lb/6 kg (ivory)

Luxury quality crush velour lining

2 hand stitched leather shoulder handles

Wheels and recessed handle for easy transport

The Ivory shell is a higher specification than the Black, giving even greater impact resistance. The case includes 2 bow holders in the lid and 2 heavy duty carrying straps.

Internal Dimensions:
Body Length: 787mm
Spike Length: 80mm

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Item #CH-300
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