Bow Hair Rejuvenation Kit

Item: #VL4975

An amazing bow hair servicing kit that will restore bow hair to its original brilliance. Our Bow Hair Rejuvenation Liquid will improve tone dramatically and reduce the frequency of rehairing.

Directions for Use:

  • Loosen bow hair to the point where it will touch the stick if normal playing pressure is applied.
  • Saturate cleansing cloth (included) with Bow Hair Cleanser TM.
  • Holding bow by the frog with one hand, wrap saturated cloth around hair with the other hand and pinch between thumb and forefinger.
  • Slide cloth up and down bow hair removing dirt and grime until hair is completely clean.
  • When hair is clean, allow to dry completely. Hair is dry when it feels dry to the touch and appears matted.
  • Tighten hair slightly and comb hair gently with special comb (included) until all strands are parallel and free from each other.
  • Apply Bow Hair Rejuvenating Liquid to hair. Avoid contact with stick.
  • Allow hair to dry completely.
  • Comb again and rosin bow thoroughly as you would a newly rehaired bow.

Now enjoy the brilliant tone from your “new” bow!!!

$ 39.90