Bass Bridge Adjuster, boxwood, pair

Item: #VB9141B

Made in Germany.

These can be installed with the threads up or down. Threading of the bridge is not necessary. Here are some installation tips, however, individual preferences and results may vary, and please measure all parts before drilling as we can’t guarantee that every set will be identical. Remember, the points below are only suggestions and no guarantee of success is implied.

  • Drill a 5/16” hole into each foot, as far as required
  • Follow that with a 3/8” drill only cut as deep as where the feet will be separated (threads down) OR
  • Separate (cut) the feet and enlarge the upper part of the hole (threads up)
  • Glue the smooth end of the adjuster into the 5/16” hole in the bridge (Shaft length may need to be modified)
  • Thread the adjustment wheel onto the threaded part of the shaft
  • Assemble
  • Cut off excess shaft as necessary

$ 74.50