Tonica Viola SET, (4/4)

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Viola Tonica® New Formula!

Over the years Pirastro has developed new concepts and ways of constructing strings. We have made important advances in string technology and gained new expertise.

During this development phase we introduced popular brands such as the Obligato, Evah Pirazzi, Evah Pirazzi Gold, and Passione. Using all of our new knowledge and advanced techniques we decided to re-design a nylon core string set. As a result we are proud to announce that we have improved the overall tone and playability of the Tonica® viola set.
What has changed?

  • Easier and faster bow response.
  • Considerable improvement in playing pianissimo.
  • Smooth crossings from one note to another using any bow stroke.
  • Easier right hand articulation and tone attack.

Sound Characteristic

  • The New Formula Tonica® now has a livelier, more open, and round sound with less side noises.
  • Improved projection and brilliance without sacrificing the original formula‘s warmth.
  • Greatly improved overall set harmony.

New Formula set composition

The C string of the original Tonica® set was silver wound which resulted in a very warm and soft sound which created a lack of brilliance in the overall set harmony.

The C of our New Formula Tonica set is now wound with a tungsten-silver combination resulting in an improved set harmony, projection, and brilliance.

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