Larsen Il Cannone GOLD Violin SET

Item: #VL7LCG0

Soloist Tension Redefined

Reviews of the new Larsen Il Cannone Gold sound include: ‘incredibly powerful, a palette of sensuous sound colours, fast, strong, crisp, durable, long-lasting, unique.’

Another World First from Larsen Strings
Il Cannone Violin Gold

Introducing the world’s first gold D string in perfect partnership with our gold G crafted with the highest grade gold available in string design. Designed to last, combining strength with sensitivity.

For the new Il Cannone Gold we have combined the premium quality D & G with our exclusive carbon-steel E and an A wound with precision rolled aluminium flat-wire.

The A, D & G are built upon our latest and most advanced core materials yet with world-renowned exceptional quality, signed, sealed and consistently delivered by Larsen Strings.

$ 563.90