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Violins: Gewa | Eastman | Young | German Violins | Heffler | Ivan Dunov | Used Violins
Violas: Eastman | Doetsch, Klier, Wyss | Albert Nebel | Various and Used
Cellos: Gewa | Eastman | Doetsch, Klier, Wyss | Albert Nebel
Basses: Laminated and Hybrid | Eastman | Klier | Christopher | GEWA

All instruments are completely and expertly set up. Only outfits are supplied with a bow and case, other instruments are supplied without.

Instruments | Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double Basses

String basses
Double Basses

Outfits (Instrument, Case and Bow)

Violin outfits with case and bow
Violin Outfits
Viola outfits with case and bow
Viola Outfits
Eastman Cello Outfits with case and bow
Cello Outfits
Eastman Bass Outfits with case and bow
Double Bass Outfits

Article Choosing a Violin Tips for buying a violin.
Information Trade-in Policy Lemuel Violins instrument trade-in policy.

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