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Lemuel Violins

Violin Making Tools

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Sub-Index Tools: Luthier Tools | Carving Tools | Cutting Tools | Herdim Tools | Files | Sanding & Sharpening | Clamps
Bow Tools | Recommended Tool List

Tools for Violin Makers, (Viola, Cello, Bass) Guitar Making

Luthier Tools

Various tools - Soundpost & Bridge Tools - Rib Bending Tools - Caliper/Marking Tools

Carving Tools
Pfeil Chisels and Gouges and Peg Ringer Set
Cutting Tools

Peg Reamers and Shapers - Purfling Cutters/Scribes - Knives - Ibex Planes

Herdim Tools

Made in Germany

Herdim Peg Shapers - Spiral Reamers - Joining Clamps - Assembly Clamps - Various (glue pots, clamps, etc.)


Grobet files, needle Files and nut files

Sanding and Sharpening Tools

Abrasives, Sanding Blocks and Sharpening Stones - NEW!!

Clamps for Violin Makers / Luthiers

Fingerboard Clamps - Spool Clamps - Seam Clamps - Joining Clamps - Edge Clamps

Bow Making/Rehairing/Repair Tools
Bow Making Tools
Tools for bow making, rehairing, and repair.
  List of recommended tools for violin making

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