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Recommended Violin Making Tools

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Recommended Tool List

List of Necessary Tools for Building a Violin and Stringed Instruments

We are often asked for a list of necessary or recommended tools for making a violin.

These tools would be considered very important for building a violin:

  • Sharp knife, with handle (10 mm, 80-59H.10) for general cutting
  • Dial caliper (80-455) for measuring the thickness of the plates and ribs
  • Bending iron (80-429) and bending strap (80-4296) for bending the sides or ribs of the instrument
  • 2 round bottom Ibex finger planes (probably the 80-502 and 80-504) used for fine carving and graduation of the top and back plates
  • Peg shaver (80-566) and peg reamer (80-563) for fitting pegs and end pins
  • Soundpost setter (80-440) for placing and adjusting the sound post inside the instrument
  • Purfling scribe - either one that we carry will work, though the Mach cutter has a really good feel due to the cylindrical design Please note that this tool just "scribes" the lines and that a knife is necessary to actually cut the channel.
  • Purfling Pick (80-568) for removing wood from the purfling channel
  • Spool clamps (80-950) for assembling the instrument. For a viola, cello, or bass substitute as necessary.

Other tools which are very useful:

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