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REZX Violin Bow Tip and Liner Repair Clamp
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Rezx™ Bow Tip and liner repair clamp (Made in Canada )

  • Repair tool for gluing of bow tips and liners
  • Suitable for violin, viola, cello and bass bows
  • Fully adjustable for perfect alignment of clamp
  • Cork lined to protect bow finishes
  • Provides 360° full visual and physical access to the entire perimeter of the bow tip to check alignment while gluing
  • Perfect for regluing existing loose bow tips to ensure precise alignment
  • Click here for more information and instructions

Note: Extra clamp (not included) needed to hold the bow.

Item #80-605ZX
Bow Rehair Clamp Bow re-hairing clamp (holds bow while re-hairing) Item #80-638
Bow Hair Gauge HERDIM Bow Hair gauge, quickly and accurately counts number of hairs in a hank. Item #8D-410
Bow Badger - Complete set Bow Badger - Complete set - NEW!

The Bow Badger� is a precision drilling device used to renew worn wood in the butt end of bows of the violin family (also known as the butt bushing).

It is equally useful in accurately drilling the screw shaft in new bows of the violin, viola, cello and double bass, as well as in re-bushing buttons to realignment.
Item #80-6200
  We also carry Ebony veneer  

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