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REZX Violin Bow Tip and Liner Repair Clamp
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Rezx™ Bow Tip and liner repair clamp (Made in Canada )

  • Repair tool for gluing of bow tips and liners
  • Suitable for violin, viola, cello and bass bows
  • Fully adjustable for perfect alignment of clamp
  • Cork lined to protect bow finishes
  • Provides 360° full visual and physical access to the entire perimeter of the bow tip to check alignment while gluing
  • Perfect for regluing existing loose bow tips to ensure precise alignment
  • Click here for more information and instructions

Note: Extra clamp (not included) needed to hold the bow.

Item #80-605ZX
Bow Rehair Clamp Bow re-hairing clamp (holds bow while re-hairing) Item #80-638
Bow Hair Gauge HERDIM Bow Hair gauge, quickly and accurately counts number of hairs in a hank. Item #8D-410
  We also carry Ebony veneer  

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