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Violin Making and Instrument Making Tools

These tools are specifically designed for musical instrument makers.

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Bend-A-Light for Instrument Inspection


16&quote; Bend-A-Light Pro
16" Bend-A-Light Pro - Made in USA
For illuminating the inside of musical instruments and other hard-to-see areas.
Requires two "AA" batteries (supplied).
Item #80-101 16" Bend-A-Light Pro, includes batteries and lightbulb $29.00
Item #80-101.B Replacement Krypton Bulb for Bend-a-Light Pro, rated 8 hours $12.00
Item #80-101.S Replacement Switch for Bend-a-Light Pro $14.00

24" Bend-A-Light LED - Made in USA
Aluminum with improved switch
Item #80-109 Bend-A-Light LED, 24" $36.00
Item #80-109.B Replacement LED for 24" Bend-A-Light, rated 50,000 hours. $16.00

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Various Tools


Hammer/Mallets, wooden handle
Hammer/Mallet - Wooden Handle - NEW!

Item #80-280 Hammer/Mallet - 115g $31.50
Item #80-281 Hammer/Mallet - 225g $36.00
Chin rest key Plastic Chin rest key
Chinrest Keys
For installing and removing chinrests.
Item #80-CNK Chin rest key with aluminum handle $5.90
Item #80-CNKY Chin rest key with plastic handle - Out of Stock $5.50
Inspection mirror for Violin, Viola and Cello Inspection mirror for Violin, Viola and Cello
Inspection Mirrors
For inspecting the inside of violins, violas, and cellos
Item #80-351 Inspection mirror - Violin/Viola $13.50
Item #80-352 Inspection mirror - slightly larger for Cello $15.00
Endpin/Endbutton holder
Endpin/Endbutton Holder
Use this tool to help with holding endpins while they are being turned down to size.
Also see our Herdim Tools for knurled brass model.
Item #80-412 Endbutton Holder - Violin $49.50
Wittner String Winder for Violin/Viola Fine Tune Pegs
Wittner String Winder for Violin/Viola Fine Tune Pegs
Item #14-841 Wittner String Winder - Violin/Viola $11.00
Wittner String Winder for Cello Fine Tune Pegs
Wittner String Winder for Cello Fine Tune Pegs
Item #34-841 Wittner String Winder - Cello $11.50
Heriba Bass machine string winder
Heriba String Winders
Great time (and wrist) saving tool for re-stringing basses.
Item #44-842 Heriba String Winder, plastic - Bass $9.50
Item #64-842 Heriba String Winder, plastic - Guitar $6.50
Hannabach Guitar String Winder
Hannabach Guitar String Winder
Suitable for guitars, mandolins, etc.
Item #64-843 Hannabach String Winder - Guitar $6.50

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Soundpost Tools Soundpost material available here


Soundpost gauge for Violin/Viola Soundpost gauge for Violin/Viola
Soundpost Gauge
For measuring the required height for a soundpost
Item #80-446 Soundpost Gauge - Violin/Viola $25.85
Item #80-447 Soundpost Gauge - Cello $30.80
Soundpost Setter for Small Violins Soundpost Setter for Violin/Viola Soundpost Setter for Cello Soundpost Setter for Bass
Soundpost Setter, Star-Shape
For inserting and positioning the soundpost, stainless steel
On-line instructions for inserting a sound post.
Item #80-4400 Soundpost Setter - Small Violin - Made in Germany $15.00
Item #80-4401 Soundpost Setter - Violin/Viola - Made in USA $9.35
Item #80-4402 Soundpost Setter - Violin/Viola - Made in Germany $27.00 Out of Stock
Item #80-4403 Soundpost Setter - Cello - Made in USA $38.50
Item #80-4413 Soundpost Setter - Cello - Made in Germany $49.95 Out of Stock
Item #80-4404 Soundpost Setter - Bass - Made in USA $46.75
Soundpost Setter Hammer shape for Violin/Viola Soundpost Setter Hammer shape for Violin/Viola Soundpost Setter Hammer shape for Violin/Viola
Soundpost Setter, Hammer-Shape
For inserting and positioning the soundpost, stainless steel
Item #80-4421 Soundpost Setter - Violin/Viola - Made in Germany $19.00 Out of Stock
Item #80-4423 Soundpost Setter - Cello - Made in Germany $39.00 Out of Stock
Item #80-4424 Soundpost Setter - Bass - Made in Germany $45.00 Out of Stock
Soundpost Setter scissor shape for Violin/Viola
Soundpost Setter, Scissor-type
Requires bending to be suitable for use.
Item #80-4411 Soundpost Setter - Violin - Made in USA $10.45
Soundpost retriever for Violin/Viola
Soundpost Retriever
For removing the sound post.
Item #80-444 Soundpost Retriever - Violin/Viola $19.80
Item #80-445 Soundpost Retriever - Cello $22.25

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Bridge Tools


Violin Bridge Template
Viola Bridge Template
Cello Bridge Template

Bridge Templates NEW

Bridge contour
Bridge string spacing
Nut string spacing
String height gauge
Bow hair gauge
Fingerboard arch template
Item #80-401 Bridge Template - Violin $12.60 Size:

Item #80-402 Bridge Template - Viola, Large $13.20 Size:
Item #80-402.1 Bridge Template - Viola, Medium $13.20 Size:
Item #80-402.2 Bridge Template - Viola, Small $13.20 Size:
Item #80-403 Bridge Template - Cello $14.40 Size:

Item #80-404C Bridge Template - Classical Bass $18.00 Size:

Item #80-404J Bridge Template - Jazz Bass $18.00 Size:

String Height Violin Gauge
String Height Viola Gauge
String Height Cello Gauge
String Height Bass Gauge

String Height Gauges NEW

Facilitates precise setting of correct string heights off the fingerboard.
Item #80-4051 String Height Guage - Violin, 1/16-4/4 size $12.95
Item #80-4052 String Height Guage - Viola, 15"-17" size $12.95
Item #80-4053 String Height Guage - Cello, 1/8-4/4 size $13.95
Item #80-4054 String Height Guage - Bass, 1/4-4/4 size $13.95
Bridge Fitter
Bridge Fitter

Item #80-418 Bridge Fitter - Violin/Viola $74.80
Item #80-4185 Bridge Fitter - Cello $86.90
Item #80-4186 Bridge Fitter - Bass $195.00
REZX Bridge Fitter Tool
REZX™ Bridge Fitter
For more information on how this tool is used, click here.
Item #80-405ZX REZX™ Bridge Fitter - Violin/Viola - Made in Canada $79.00
Herdim String lifter Herdim String lifter
HERDIM String Lifter
Practical tools for exchanging, adjusting and fitting bridges. Designed to lift the tensioned strings off of the existing bridge, allowing work to be done without risk of dropping the soundpost. The string lifter simultaneously marks the exact position of the new bridge. The top piece is serrated to match any string configuration. The violin and cello models are made of indestructible fiber-reinforced plastic lined with soft plastic to protect the varnish. The bass model is made of sturdy, alloyed aluminum with corklined legs. The top-piece of the bass model is guided along two hardened steel rods to guarantee precise function and high resistance to wear.
Item #8D-4501 Herdim String Lifter - Violin/Viola - Height 30 - 44 mm $42.60
Item #8D-4502 Herdim String Lifter - Cello - Height 78 - 100 mm $57.96
Violin/Viola Bridge Feet Fitter Tool
Cello Bridge Foot Spreader
For accurate fitting of a cello bridge.
Item #80-417 Bridge Foot Spreader - Cello $24.75
Bridge String Spacing Marker
Bridge String Spacing Maker
Marks the proper string divisions on a bridge. Adjustable for use on a 4/4 size cello down to a 1/8 size violin.
Item #80-420 Bridge String Spacing Marker - Violin/Viola/Cello $123.75

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Rib Bending Tools


Bending Iron
Bending Iron, 120 Volt, for Violin/Viola/Cello/Guitar
The best available iron designed by Irving Sloane.

Variable heat settings, for bending the ribs (sides). Iron height about 6"-6 1/2"

When you look down from the top, the shape of the ends is like an egg or parabolic. The maximum length of it going straight in the middle is 8cm. The widest area is 5.2cm across.

Please read safety instructions included with the irons, as we can not replace damaged irons that do not follow these instructions.
Item #80-429 Bending Iron - 120 Volt - Made in USA $328.90
Item #80-429U Bending Iron - 240 Volt - For Europe $328.90
Item #80-429U.E Bending Iron - 240 Volt Element Replacement $52.80
Bending Iron
Digital Bending Iron, 240 Volt - NEW!!
Keeps the surface temperature of the heating body set within +/- 2 °C. Mounting points for workbench mount provided on the body of the instrument.

You will need a transformer to convert voltage.

0-200 °C, 230 V, 100 W. Working height 70 mm, maximum length going through the middle 7.7cm, width at widest point 3.2cm

Item #8D-3921 Digital Bending Iron - 240 Volt - Violin/Viola Only $238.80
Stainless Steel Bending Straps Stainless Steel Bending Straps
Stainless Steel Bending Strap
For holding behind the rib while bending to reduce chance of cracking.
Item #80-4296 Bending Strap, 5cm x 30cm - Violin/Viola $49.50
Item #80-4297 Bending Strap, 13cm x 46cm - Cello/Guitar $86.90

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Measuring Tools


Neck Angle Gauge
Neck Angle Gauge
This machined aluminum gauge is used to determine the correct angle of the neck and the fingerboard.
Item #80-419 Neck Angle Gauge - Violin $24.75
MAG-ic Probe Digital Thickness Gauge
MAG-ic Probe Digital Thickness Gauge - *NEW BLE Version*
MAG-ic Probe BLE for use with Computers or Smartphones!

MAG-ic Probe is an Electronic thickness gauge capable of accurately measuring the thickness of any non-ferromagnetic materials. The primary design is geared toward the Luthier industry. Luthiers create custom wooden musical instruments of all types using great skill and craftsmanship. These instruments range from guitars, mandolins, violins, bass and ukelele and most of them rely on specific thicknesses of the wooden plates that make up the top, sides and back of the instrument. Luthiers use their skill an experience to produce a certain voice or tone from these wooden plates. The MAG-ic probe is designed to assist in measuring these critical thicknesses when other tools do not work or are just too cumbersome. MAG-ic Probe provides an easy and affordable tool that can measure the thickness of large plates and is especially useful for measuring thicknesses on fully assembled instruments. Luthiers also find useful information in measuring thicknesses of vintage or classic instruments. MAG-ic Probe uses magnetism to penetrate the material to be measured. A probe is applied to one surface of the plate and a ball is applied to the opposite side. These attract each other and the MAG-ic Probe tool will measure and display the thickness in both mils (1/1000th inch) and millimeters (mm)

MAG-ic Probe may be used to measure the thickness of any non-ferromagnetic material up to 15mm. This includes Plastics, Aluminum, Copper and composite sheet materials.

MAG-ic Probe BLE is a total re-design and is our smallest version yet but still retains the same probe mechanics and trusted operation.

Some of the New features offered by MAG-ic Probe BLE:
- All-in-One design with all electronics inside the handheld probe.
- Powered by USB cable to a computer or a USB Battery Pack for mobile use.
- Uses MAG-ic Probe Companion Software to display measurements on a computer.
- 16-bit A/D converter for added resolution.
- Smartphone App for measurement display via Bluetooth LE when mobile and no computer is available.
- Lower power consumption.
- Simplified magnet options.

The MAG-ic Probe BLE comes with:
- 2 magnets, a 1/2 ball for guitars, plates or any object where access is not restricted and a 1/4 (6.35mm) cylinder magnet which should fit into most f-holes of violins and mandolins.
- The BLE Probe measuring 2.3 0.85 (60mm x 22mm)
- A USB Cable for Attaching to your computer.
- A Handy padded storage box.

Free Downloadable Software MAG-ic Probe Lite Software allows you to upload a picture of the instrument or object you are measuring on your computer and record each measurement you make to that picture (See Software section for details). You must add the free software to your cart to be able to download it.

MAG-ic Probe BLE can also send the measurements to an IOS or Android Smartphone or Tablet.
Item #80-450 MAC-ic Probe - New BLE Version $495.00
Marking Caliper
Marking Caliper
A caliper with a 9" throat for marking graduations of top or back of violin & cello. Precisely machined, black anodized aluminum. Thickness can be quickly and accurately set with convenient set screw. Replacement lead markers available.
Item #80-451 Marking Caliper - Violin/Cello $209.00
Dial Graduating Caliper
Dial Graduating Caliper
Hand-held or self standing.
For graduating instruments ranging in size from violin to cello.

Extremely rigid die cast aluminum frame.
German dial gauge reads to 0.10mm.

Unique top lifting lever allows unrestricted measuring. 32cm throat, measures to 30mm. Includes two sets of feeler gauges, standard(shown) and small.
Item #80-455 Dial Graduating Caliper - Violin/Viola Only - Made in USA $328.90
Item #80-456 Dial Graduating Caliper- Cello/Guitar - Made in USA $328.90
Mach Dial Graduating Caliper
Mach Dial Graduating Caliper
This "cello over the rib" dial caliper model is the first of its kind. Easily and rapidly measure the thickness of the cello back with the top off (and the reverse also).
This caliper reaches all the way to the center of the cello at its widest point at the lower bout. The caliper comes equipped with an aluminum handle.
Item #80-457 Mach Dial Graduating Caliper - Cello $245.00
Digit Caliper, 6" at .001" Resolution
Digit Caliper, 6" at .001" Resolution
Made of stainless steel. Measures inside and outside in inches and millimeters. Capacity 0-6 inches with .001" resolution, or 0-150 mm with 0.01 mm resolution. Includes zero set button and depth measuring rod.

Protective carrying case and battery included.
Item #80-465 Digit Caliper - 6" at .001" Resolution $56.00 Out of stock
Digital Neck Projection Gauge
Digital Neck Projection Gauge
Precise tool with a digital reading enables to control and maintain one of the most important dimensions on a violin - the fingerboard projection. A precise value to be obtained in a second.
Works also with smaller sizes of violins and with all sizes of viola, just set the proper stop-length with one screw.
Item #80-469 Digital Neck Projection Gauge - Violin/Viola $162.00
Hacklinger Caliper Version D
Hacklinger Caliper Version D, 1-12mm
This unique tool allows exact thickness measurements of stringed instruments to be made without disassembly. The small counter-magnet is passed through the instrument's f-hole and follows the gauge around every edge and curve, allowing the exact thickness to be measured at any place on the body. Accurate to within 0.1 mm, calibrated for making measurements while holding the gauge in a vertical position. Quick and easy to use, with no risk of damaging even the most sensitive varnishes. Ideal for the study of old instruments, locating old crack repairs, making sound adjustments, etc. Also suitable for measuring other, non-ferromagnetic objects (plastic containers).
Comes in a leather sleave with instructions for use.
Magnets with rounded surfaces for high precision spot measurements also on concave surfaces. Measuring tube with wear-resistant plastic tip.

Measuring range 1 - 8 mm, 1 magnet, wear-resistant plastic tip.
Item #8D-4126 Hacklinger Caliper - Version D $549.00
Precision Dial Caliper
Precision Dial Caliper, 15cm/6"
Metric dial caliper, measures to 15cm. Accurate to .01mm. Dust and shockproof analogue dial. Hardened stainless steel. With black padded case.
Item #8D-4259 Precision Dial Caliper - 15cm/6" $95.00
HERDIM Hair Gauge
HERDIM Hair Gauge
A practical aid for measuring the precise amount of hair needed in bow rehairing. Stainless steel gauge with slot and a graduation scale, on which individual scalings can be marked.

Suitable for all hanks sizes (Violin - Bass). Made of 0.5 mm, matt-finished stainless steel.
Item #8D-410 HERDIM Hair Gauge - All Instruments $36.00

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Kaiser Cork Form Instrument Cradles


Kaiser Cork Form, Violin Regular Kaiser Cork Form, Violin Regular Kaiser Cork Form, Violin Regular Kaiser Cork Form, Violin Regular Kaiser Cork Form, Violin Regular
Kaiser Cork Form for Violin, Viola, and Cello - NEW!
The Kaiser Cork Form height ensures that the scroll of the violin never touches the surface of the bench work area.

Light and easy to work with, it is also resistant and durable. This repairer support for violin is a product that will be appreciated by all luthiers, restorers and enthusiasts of the craft of violin making.
Item #80-9011 Kaiser Cork Form - Violin, Regular $156.00
Item #80-90110 Kaiser Cork Form - Violin, Set Up $228.00
Item #80-9021 Kaiser Cork Form - Viola, 16" $156.00
Item #80-9031 Kaiser Cork Form - Cello, Regular $420.00
Item #80-9035 Kaiser Cork Form - Cello, Open $456.00

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